I should have beaten floor 7 but it cheated

I had Solaris dead with a big red cross in her box but there were a couple of defenders i hadn't managed kill so I go back in and there's Solaris bright eyed ready to take me on oh and I killed Leo who lay on the floor dead as mutton for 4to5 turns who then just as I thought I was winning sol who should have been dead anyway decided now was a good time to resurrect him as well not impressed by


  • what?
  • You do know that solaris resurrects herself and all beat allies after being dead for 3 turns.
  • I think this happened

    1 - Enemy Solaris - dead
    2 - Enemy Leo - dead
    3 - Couple defenders left
    4 - His jabber taking to long to kill them
    5 - Everyone rezed
    6 - He loses his guys
    7 - He logs on to forums to post

    The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena
  • Almost but wrong killed Solaris big red cross goes back in to finish the job finds sol waiting alive and well despite being red crossed starts again kills Leo can't defeat sol grog and gore goes back to try again almost does the job but can't quite repeat four times leos dead nearly clear the floor suddenly leos alive and it's back to fighting a fully stamina full beast team as if it was the first time in no my friend it wasn't how you said
  • But I'm through arguing about the tower it's corrupt
  • danacdanac Member
    Ironside wrote: »
    But I'm through arguing about the tower it's corrupt

    There's a glitch with solaris teams in the tower where you have to kill all the defenders or face all of them over again.
  • Has to be because I believe that red cross means dead for any hero
  • I’ve noticed that if the defending Solaris is ashes and you are defeated on the next floor Solaris is back along with any other defeated beasts, it does not seem to happen with non beasts. If I win the floor while my Solaris is ashes Solaris is gone for good. It seems to me that my Solaris should also reappear on the next floor of ashes do not really mean Solaris is gone.
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