Random questions about runes

1) Lily's 1st Sapping Vines. I believe the damage done to enemies depends on her ATL stat but what about the "healing" our heroes get ? Is it a function of ATK or SKL, since there is a "healing" component to it? Does Focus rune (a.k.a. Skill) affect Lily's abilities ?

2) PvP runes. Legendary 1/2/3 status rewards the player with 5* Greater Rune with 4th stats, such as 12% Damage Penetration against Rogue or something. However, we can also buy the SUPERIOR rune for 60k Honor. Will the 4th stat be any better than the Greater version ? In this example, will the DP still be at 12% or higher ?

3) When I scout my opponent's runes, I cannot really tell if a Champion's rune is defensive or offensive. Is there a way to tell them apart ?

4) This always happen to me. I entered PvP, full of confidence. In a blink of an eye, the opponent defeated me. So, i was like "Wow, that was cool, I wonder what kind of runes those heroes have?". However, I cannot check the type of runes the enemies have. Not in the REPLAY panel, Not in the player's page. So, question : how do we check out the runes of a player after a PvP match ?

5) Not rune related. Ferno's air superiority. Every non-flying heroes has their attack reduced until Ferno shoot -- FINE. But what happened if Ferno dies before he even got a shot ? Does every heroes continue the entire match with reduced attack ? Does the Reduced Attack effect stop the moment Ferno drops to the ground ?


  • Skill does increase healing, no, the forth stat should be the same, no, you cannot tell if runes are defensive or offensive, you cannot see runes after a match, and acually I'm not sure about the last one but ferno would be extremely hard to kill while aerial superiority is active, so I doubt that will ever happen. Hope that helped!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • If Ferno dies before his first round turn, the attack debuff persists until the end of round one.
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