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Thx you devs or who ever though/put/made/did that tower be like it is.
We have never ending tokens to earn, we have never ever unseen super-evos to get, we have plenty of missions and events, which its all good and bla bla bla... but ... that tower its the most annoying thing i will ever try, i swear.
Game its about enjoying, tower its just frustrating, disgusting, insulting and its so unbalanced and impossible to finish that make me want to rage-quit.

I dont know how will be when being lvl 70, with many 6* heros and well equipped with runes, but i honestly have to say that tower will ruin for sure my way to the endgame.


  • Today's try: floor 7. insane difficulty. i only want to slap pontifex and igorok in a face to face.
  • another day, another rage quit. Floor 8: 20.000.000 star team with solaris, pignus, gnog and the red wolfy 1-hitted my whole roster. Super-Mega-Hyper Annoying. 2 more hours directly to the trash, despite the frustrating thing of the masacre, all loot from tower its 2 tokens and bunch of rubbish

    .... where this feedback will end? trash can, too
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