Tracking PVP runes

Hi guys, do you have a list of PVP runes since Preseason 1? Or can you help me filling my list?
I need to fill the white spots in the screenshot.
Thank if you will help me.



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    I can’t help with the list at all, but did want to chime in and ask why they can’t just name each rune after the season name? Rune of kings, rune of night, rune of wind, etc.

    We have so many champions and duelists that the runes may as well not have names at this point. You can no longer tell anything about them when viewing an opponent. Could be any of dozens. All could be avoided by taking 30 seconds a week to type in the rune name to match the season. It’s beyond silly that they all have the same **** name.
  • The names should be different, you’re right. But your solution is not enough because usually seasons with the same name should have the same rune, but not always.
  • probably a dumb question, but I never really learned if the name Duelist and Champion had any specific implications.

    Like if a season rune is a Deulist rune, will it only have certain 4th stats like 15% DP to beasts?

    And if it's a Champion rune, it's 10% DR or 10% DP in PvP?
  • I think the seasons with the same name always have the same exact rune. I don’t think they’ve broken with that tradition to date, have they?
  • @shiggity80 No, the name does not have to do with 4th stats.
  • ptyei0fqx265.png
    I haven't been maintaining this, but it may help you.
  • @JaxBoomstick Thanks, I knew you would have helped me.
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