Combat Revamp is Terrible.

I’m not going to make a whole super long rant about how awful the combat revamp is and make this longer than necessary, but I will leave you with a few key points as to why this change was a game breaker for me.

Point A; There are literally a total of (maybe) 8 heroes at best that are still useful.

Point B; What is healing. “Add Skill runes,” LOL.

Point C; The bugs/glitches that came with this are insane, and what was broken before (GG slowing order bug, Invisible Sol, & game crashes still are here.)

Point D; Nobody wants to play a 5+ minute match when we were used to >2m matches - this is the worst thing.

Point E; “You invested into planning runes for a year+” too bad. Craft a new Bulwark/Life Rune..

Point F; This is the most stale meta I’ve ever seen. I’m a consistent Boss 100 PvPer and I am literally struggling to even do my 3 matches a day for my guild because every team is the exact same and it is NO FUN.

*IF you’re new to the game and are enjoying the combat system and like it how it is, more power to you. I loved this game for so long, and if that’s where you are with the game, great.


  • WasiWasi Member
    I've been playing for 885 days and personally, bugs aside, I really like the new combat revamp. Granted matches are longer, but it's the same for everyone and in fact this may promote a more even competition, as so called 'whales' can't spam wins so quickly. I now have the confidence that 98% of my battles will play out as expected if executed correctly and less chance of RNG to kill your streak.
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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    “DR is too powerful and Skill is hardly worth investing in.”

    “Okay we’ve made DR less useful and Skill more useful now.”

    “What? Why!? This sucks! I never asked for any of this!”
  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
    edited January 30
    Skill is still not worth investing in.

    Goretusk’s DR is easy access to more potent DR than most people had prior to his release.

    So they did neither.

    In fact they gave more DR to everyone just at the time that everyone who had spent thousands of gems to build up DR saw their “investment” nerfed. And that extra DR just prolongs raids that were already going to be longer as a result of the combat revamp. Yay. :(
  • Pvp is dead at top lvl and top rune. Total waste of time.
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