Complete/quick loot 300 dungeons on Dwarven rune war

Hey guys do you think I could still get the reward for the quest?
I've already looted 214 dungeons, so I need 86 more, so I need (for dungeons for 5 energy) 430 more stamina, and I'm wondering, is it possible to get it? Someone help me calculate please :smiley:


  • + I've already bought stamina from PWN shop today:)
  • You have two more days. Each day, you regenerate 240 stamina (if you stay below the cap the entire time). You can also buy 100 stamina from tower and earn another 70 for beating it. You can also buy another 50 with aether. You can also buy energy with gems, but you can easily hit it without.
  • Okay, thanks, I wasn't sure if my thinking was right, thank you
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