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I may have posted this before or had a former GM pose it during a summit? Anyway, though likely already suggested, it would be an amazing enhancement to allow fellow guild mates the abilty to attack your dungeon for fun. Talk about a terrific training / team building tool!

It could be a third icon on the My Dungon screen called "Guild Challenge", "My Guild", whatever, or another tab under the current "Season of" icon. Maybe the easiest option would be to add an "attack" button on the Social tab next to each guild mate's stats?

This action could either cost x stamina (no reward other than bragging rights), a new currency you earn from pvp'ing or can be purchased in the Honor Shop. Free would be amazing.

This would be huge win in so many ways.
GM - The Underworld Titans


  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    People will pay to have fun? Haha.
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    People will pay to have fun? Haha.

    Their business model may require enhancements to have the potential for additional income. I thought it best to address it up-front with a few suggestions.
    GM - The Underworld Titans
  • Lets do it
  • Bump. I'm in Pwnisher's guild, and this topic appeared spontaneously again in our guild chat ... to quote myself:

    "I'll tell you a feature I'd LOVE to see added to the game: test pvp, call it the training dojo or something. Spend a raid ticket to fight your own defense. No gold or honor or trophies, just testing"
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