Reduced cost of 10xPortal summon vs Reduced cost on Free portal summons

So you had this deal in the shop where you could buy 10 Free Heroic Portal summons for 2200 gems. Awesome for someone like me who loves to "save(hoard) things for rainy days". So I thought to myself why not, I'll use them eventually!
The day after the price on 10xSummon in the Heroic Portal is reduced to only 2000 gems. But in order for me to take advantage of this deal I have to first use up my free summons I've been saving(hoarding) and thereby "loosing" some of the gems I saved on the previous deal.
This breaks my economic(stingy) heart </3
Suggested solution:
If you are going to start treating the Free Heroic Summons more like a currency, as in selling them, maybe there could be some options what currency should be used for your summon when doing it. Maybe with some limitations on the 10x vs single summons if you like. But something that doesn't make me feel like the deal I bought was a bad one.

Just a thought and a suggestion.
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