Throwing out hero design ideas

Well, I have some ideas for the design of heroes, but not so much for their abilities and perks.
1: Evo hero-This is just something that I have wanted ever since I gained access to the evo dungeons and beat that one story mode boss.
2: Human King and/or Queen hero(es)-Since there have been royalty for the other original races for dungeon boss, why not let humans get their king and/or queen?
3:Jester hero-This is one that I have thought of a lot, surprisingly. Why not have a jester, but make him have the darkness element so he could have a cool purple/white/black design for his clothes. His main attack could be juggling (throwing his juggling balls into the air and having them fall randomly onto enemies), and one of his abilities could be to confuse an enemy, which in this case, could give them a 50/50 chance to attack a different enemy, or an ally.

Well, feel free to expand on my ideas or to shut them down.


  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    There IS an evo on the DB title art along with all the other heroes and Hopper who took a long time to release. Maybe there will be an element changing Evo hero that will shake up PvP a bit. That one has been suggested before.
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