This rune is a huge buff for shade

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So yeah, that dark rune that is +1 energy? Put that on shade and then spirit link will start powered. This would be great on GT teams because then shade should steal his taunt to. A taunting spirit-linked shade on the first turn. Does this sound OP to anyone else? I am not missing anything here right? This logic seems pretty sound to me...
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  • Jabber can easily counter that...

  • Shade use in top 100 matches dropped below 95% for the first time ever when they released the combat revamp. This rune is just to bring him back to where he is supposed to be at 99%+. Consider it a bug fix.
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    Shhh. Your runeing my secret strategy
  • Er.... which rune is that?
  • I have personally seen in replay and tried it myself with Shade+Kobal.. Spirit link at the beginning is kinda a neat trick.. It doesn't guarantee a win, but definitely a game changer.. Not just on GT, but heroes with the blue or yellow special runes 4th buff.
  • Not seeing that buff in crafting section....*confused look*
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    Not seeing that buff in crafting section....*confused look*

    Its the new community rune rewarded for the dungeon dash, the one we're getting tomorrow.
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  • Shade’s spirit link is a 5 turn cool down / able to be used on offense, not understanding how a +1 from Kobal & a +1 from the rune move it up to an opening attack position?
  • Don't need to bring Kobal anymore.
  • Doesn’t the best case with Kobal & the rune move spirit link up from 5 to 3, not available for a opening move attack? Maybe I don’t see how DB math works.
  • Neat trick.
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    @RedE2Quit you really don't use Shade, do you? Maybe you should summon him and try using him.

    His second starts only needing one energy to be ready, so it's available on round 2.

    Once you USE the ability, it won't be ready for 5 more moves, but with this rune, it's ready to go for the first use on round 1.
  • By golly your right, must be a little brain dead tonight, could have sworn my Shade started the Tower level this morning with a 5 count to use spirit link. Thanks for the gentle slap upside the head.
  • Pvp and pve/tower is different in energy
  • @RedE2Quit You're not brain dead. I'm not sure if this is intended, but some abilities become available later in the Tower than in regular PvE/PvP. Shade's Spirit Link is one of them.
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    No wait! Where does this +3 energy for Shade's Spirit link come from?

    Spirit link has a cooldown of 5. And Possession is 5, too. Shadowblade's Vampiric Shurikens is 4, Slickly Slice is 5.

    When you start a dungeon with Shade & Shadowblade (no Kobal and no energy runes) then Shade's Spirit link is on 1 cooldown but Possession is on 4 cooldown, Vampiric Shurikens is 3, Slickly Slice is 4. This is correct - except for Sprit Link - because heroes get 1 energy at the start of each round. But what is the secret of Spirit link, huh?

  • I rarely PvP, normally just enough to loose 3 times for crown quests, not sure when I last used Shade in PvP to notice. So being brain dead aside it sounds like I wasn’t hallucinating that spirit link takes far longer to charge in the Tower than it does in PvE or PvP. Been playing for well over a year and never even caught on to that.
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    Meanwhile here I sit with my two Superior Festive Runes (basically this community Rune but red and green) on Rogar, enjoying his first turn Skull Cracker in PvE. I have no sense of control over myself. I just had to put the Festive Runes on Santa Rogar.
  • Hmm, beating things with a hammer, sounds more like the Grinch.
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