Damage Over Time Needs to be Subject to Damage Mitigation

Damage Over Time (DOT) has always been a neutral damage type and ignored damage reduction/defense. The neutral damage type I am fine with, but I think it is time to make DOT subject to opposing DR and/or defense.

The flavor of the month prominence of Lilly's Sapping Vines has gotten out of hand, both in PvP and in the Tower along with Burn and Electrical Skin, albeit the last to a far lesser degree. Although I have heard that opposing Skill stats may reduce DoT amounts (and from what I have seen in my own battles, this could be true), neither base skill at 6 stars nor even a single double skill rune is no where sufficient to bring the unavoidable 3K ~ 5K+ damage per character, per turn into more balanced realm. If nothing else, perhaps increase the scaling effect of Skill's own reduction of attacking DOT, even though as is, Aegis and other DR stats have pretty much gone the way of MK. Nerfed into oblivion...


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I would even be okay with Lilly’s vines if they didn’t also count as Disease. They lower the enemy’s damage, Crit, and healing. The damage would be manageable if you could either kill Lilly and her team, or heal the damage back, but with the current way it works, neither is possible.
  • I'd like Lily's vines to end when she dies. It's near impossible to take her out before she casts them if she's well runed. Then you've got even less chance if she has Goretusk and another tank absorbing damage you want to put onto Lily.
  • Lily's vines don't follow normal DoT mechanics, so the problem is specific to Sapping Vines, not all DoTs.

    Actually, I don't even think Lily is the problem. It's the combo of revamp/GT/Sol that makes her so annoying to fight (not difficult, just annoying).
  • Especially since Lily’s entire purpose is to ignore damage mitigation like armored passives. Taking that away for her DOT makes no sense.
  • GroghillGroghill Member
    edited February 11
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    Especially since Lily’s entire purpose is to ignore damage mitigation like armored passives. Taking that away for her DOT makes no sense.

    Before Damage Penetration becoming available to all heroes, especially as a now somewhat common 4th stat, Lilly's passive to allow Green Heroes to Ignore DR was indeed a very needful thing in the face of the super DR Armored teams. Yet I am not referring to her inherent passive... but her, and other heroes, DOT that *also inherently* ignore DR/Defense. The two are actually seperate and shouldn't get intermixed.

    Let Lilly continue to give all Green Hero's the ability to ignore Damage Reduction with primary damage. Even her initial Sapping Vines attack can ignore DR since that too is primary damage. What I am suggesting for change is what happens **after** her passive, the Damage Over Time portion, the secondary damage.

    Furthermore, damage mitigation via DR or Defense is only the suggestion; the form can be also simply tweaking the skill stat scaling of the DoT damage, which I suspect is probably the most likely method taken. The reason I purport the former measure is because Damage Reduction as a stat is already taken a severe blow in PvP practicality, and readdressing it at least through this type of adjustment may revitalize DR use... and, no, using the DR Elec Skin rune doesn't really count as I wager most are using it solely for the Elec Skin with the offhand hope that maybe the DR portion may help. Additionally, I am leery of any direct mechanic change to how a character functions, such as making MK throw only a single blade instead of two (which I always thought was a step too far with the nerf bat). Behind the scenes number changes, okay. Overt behaviorial changes, tread lightly.

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