Lunar New Year Event: Escalating Dungeons, Moonlight Buffs, and Feral Skins!

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Happy Lunar New Year everyone! We've got a brand new style of event prepared, which we think you'll really enjoy! We already outlined the details earlier this week, but here's a reminder for everyone on how the event works:
  • Earn Guild Points by running event dungeons! Simple enough, but these dungeons are devious!
  • The top guilds and players will receive fabulous prizes, including the new Jabber Feraljaw skin!
  • The guild leaderboards will be threshold based (not competitive), but there will be a competitive leaderboard for individuals across all guilds.
  • You will be able to freely join and leave guilds throughout the event, but will only receive rewards for the guild you are in when the event ends.
  • The event dungeons will require Courage, not Stamina to run.
  • The event dungeons will get more difficult every time you beat them, and any heroes that are KO'd at the end of a dungeon run will not be usable again until the next day at 3pm CST, unless you do a roster refresh. As the dungeon gets harder, the amount of Guild Points paid out will increase.
  • If you do a roster refresh, the dungeon's difficulty will be reset, as will the Guild Point bonuses.
  • At 3pm CST each day, the previous day's dungeon will disappear, your roster will be refreshed, and a new event dungeon will become available.
  • The event will end at 3pm on Monday, February 19th to allow guilds a full day to run the last dungeon and get their scores as high as possible.
  • If your team is KO'd in the middle of a dungeon, you will get Guild Points relative to your progress in the dungeon. When you re-enter the dungeon, you will start back at the first room, but the difficulty and completion bonus will not be reset. Only a roster refresh or the opening of a new event dungeon will reset them.
  • The amount of courage required to run the event dungeons will remain consistent, even as difficulty increases.
  • You are able to move runes from KO'd heroes to heroes that haven't been KO'd yet.
  • You cannot summon friend's heroes in the event dungeons.
  • If you use a revive potion/revive ability on a KO'd hero before the end of a dungeon and they are still alive when you leave the dungeon, they will remain alive in your roster.
  • If you beat an event dungeon, your hero's HP will be saved where it is at that point, but their energy will be refreshed when you start the next event dungeon. If you retreat from an event dungeon, any heroes that are KO'd will remain KO'd, but any heroes that are still alive will have their HP restored to where it was before they entered the dungeon.
  • There is no cap for how many guild points can be earned or how high your dungeon completion bonus can go.
  • If you retreat from an event dungeon or are defeated, you will get guild points relative to the progress you made in the dungeon, but no completion bonus.
  • If a hero is KO'd and their corpse is removed by Zomm to make a Zomminion, that hero will remain KO'd, even if their Zomminion was alive at the end of the dungeon.

In addition, several heroes are benefiting from the power of the moon! Jabber Clenchjaw, Lupina, and all Elves get the Moonlight passive in the event dungeons. They get bonus attack, defense, and health, AND they start event dungeons with Haste and Shrouded! In addition, if you bring any of those heroes into an event dungeon, their allies will get a bonus to their attack, defense, and health. These do not stack if you bring multiple heroes with Moonlight, and these bonuses are only given in event dungeons. Trust us, they're WAY too powerful to put anywhere else!

We're also running a quest chain that will let you unlock the Lovely Lady Nimriel skin. Valentines Day may have been yesterday, but love is still in the air!

And speaking of Jabber, his epic weapon, Claws of the Lycan, are now available!
Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I just wanna point out you typed ‘Feral Skins’, implying more than one.

    Who else got one besides Jabber?
  • Hi @Joel could you help clarify quest 12/12 for lady nim's skin quest? It says "collect 500000 honor"
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    niclow92 wrote: »
    Hi @Joel could you help clarify quest 12/12 for lady nim's skin quest? It says "collect 500000 honor"

    That's a bug. It should be 250. We'll have that fixed before the end of tomorrow. Any progress you make towards the quest will be saved, so just hang tight. We aren't asking you to earn 500,000 honor hahaha!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Joel wrote: »
    niclow92 wrote: »
    Hi @Joel could you help clarify quest 12/12 for lady nim's skin quest? It says "collect 500000 honor"

    That's a bug. It should be 250. We'll have that fixed before the end of tomorrow. Any progress you make towards the quest will be saved, so just hang tight. We aren't asking you to earn 500,000 honor hahaha!

    You laugh, but guarantee it was a talking point while planning the event
  • Are we given any more courage each day?
  • Gabee1611 wrote: »
    Are we given any more courage each day?
    Good question. @Joel ?
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    ScoutYo wrote: »
    Gabee1611 wrote: »
    Are we given any more courage each day?
    Good question. @Joel ?

    Opening the app every day requires a certain amount of courage, if you ask me. Even if we got some more every day, it'd just be used up immediately.
  • I had a toon start with partial health and healed up to full when completing the dungeon. When I started the dungeon again the toon was at partial health.
    Is this intentional or is this a bug?
  • Sounds like a bug. Joel said health will remain same between runs, like the Tower. :/
  • Wait, did u quit the run? Or finish and go to the next dungeon? If u quit health goes back to what u started with.
  • does courage carryover to the next day ?
  • Just wondering if anyone knows (sorry if I missed it!) - if one already had the Nim skin, what’s the alternate payout? Thanks!
  • denabug wrote: »
    does courage carryover to the next day ?

    Yes, stays with you till end of event, at that time once dungeons are closed. We've usually had a new shop option to convert uunused courage into stamina
  • Finished the courage dungeon, I applied potions on one run and a regular healer an other.
  • Alecat97Alecat97 Member
    edited February 16
    Stumpum wrote: »
    Can someone check my math here...using all my courage with no losses got me about 30k. Assuming that’s the standard until the end of the event, that gives me 120k-ish. With 50 players per guild, that’s just over 6 million, barely. So the top reward won’t even be possible without multiple guild members having to spend money to purchase extra courage?

    Exactly, top tier rewards are purely p2w.
    I like the idea of making max rewards very hard to get, but for a few well organized guilds it should be possible to hit top tier WITHOUT spending money.
    Then everyone is surely free to spend, and doing that should make it easier to reach that very hard tier.
    I knew max rewards were going to have an high cost, but I thought they were going to cost a lot of gems, I didn't think spending was the only way for sure.
    But hey, it's not a competitive event, you can't complain. Leaderboards are threshold based, money don't help you win cause no one wins, it didn't count, and so on ;)
  • I think the escalating difficulty and perma-dead hero type event is a great idea. Would love it under normal circumstances. However, I used all my courage up for the day and didn’t get anywhere near the point where my heroes were actually threatened and dying and I had to bring strategy into play. So what the hell is the point, as a free to play? The entire event might as well just say “run event dungeon 15 times” and that’s it. And since even gems don’t get you more courage, you’ve done something for this event that you’ve never done’ve hidden the actual content of the event behind a paywall. Not even just the rewards, which is bad enough. People with decent rosters who don’t spend money aren’t able to see and play through the difficulty rise and dead heroes, which are the entire focus of the event.

    I had put it down to being only level 50, but yeah. This is a cool idea, but courage shouldn't really be needed since the dungeon is ultimately meant to defeat the player. Given that the courage quests for three-starring the dungeon stop at, what, ten times?, I'm guessing this dungeon is just seriously undertuned.

    Maybe they'll take notice and ramp up the difficulty curve for the remaining dungeons.
  • DemestenesDemestenes Member
    edited February 16
    Give people option to buy individual courage for gems in event store before it will be to late, just saying ...

    Crowns 100 stamina quest + this will provide few "only spenders" guilds and many "no crowns / slow leveling" ones. There is no cash in this method. You may book to the debit many little spenders that care for their guilds right now.

    As for the endless dungeon on it's own - i love it; it's great idea. Many thanks for people who made it.
    Post edited by Demestenes on
  • I agree that courage should be purchasable with gems.

    The goalposts keep moving. In the recent past, gems (and other in-game currencies, such as stamina and keys) were required to do well in guild events. Thus, many of us have been accumulating these things by careful planning and, often, by spending real money. Now we have those things, and we have to spend cash to do well instead. This is not right. We plan in advance and it doesn't pay off, which is alienating.

    It is hurting an otherwise interesting event.
  • @Joel my roaster wasnt refreshed with new event day start...
  • Same here , think it was related to the fact i was running yesterdays at the moment it reset....should have known better then to try and squeeze in one more...
  • Also 1000 gem purchase didn't reset either.
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited February 16
    deleteme...and let me post again.

    [sung to the tune of "Release me..and let again"]
  • Funny my win streak managed to reset but by heroes remain dead.... thanks DB
  • This All Constructs quest may be bit too much
  • misawamisawa Member
    edited February 16
    I thought heroes were supposed to reset? I lost 4 yesterday and they still show dead.
  • Bloth wrote: »
    This All Constructs quest may be bit too much

    Agreed, though I beat it with Alex, Bauble, Furnace, and SF. All were runed pretty well using a combo of greater and superior defensive type runes (Furnace had more attack runes though). Make sure you do it on your 1-3 runs only, anything beyond that and the mobs might be too strong.

    Brought 1 energy and 2 revive pots. Used them all, early too.

    Took a long time.
  • Kegman913Kegman913 Member
    edited February 16
    These quests weren't that hard for the senior guys, but way way way too hard for anyone running less than greater legendary runes. I would have liked to see the first few dungeons be beatable for them.
  • Well, I tried the Construct quest first thing, knowing that my constructs arent uber runed, but hoping to at least finish it first before the difficulty goes up. I retreated after using all 3 revive potions and still lost Alex. So it appears now I will have to spend 500 gems to reset it just to complete that quest, then spend a bunch of gold to shuffle runes around so hopefully they live.

    I like the challenge, but it's pretty clear it all comes down to runes. The synergy with constructs is not formidable by any means for this dungeon unless players deck them out with the best runes. That's fine I guess, if you are just trying to make people waste their resources on resets and rune swapping all the time, but it doesn't make it fun, at all.

    I will probably just skip this quest, im not spending 500 gems for a reset, thats ridiculous. It takes a couple days of tower runs to get 500+ gems.

    Also, 1000 gems for 10 courage and 1 courage for guild members is a joke. Are you deliberately trying to insult us?
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