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  • The game was horribly unbalanced with mats to stamina ratio, particularly when we were all farming crystals on normal boards with superior runed warriors. Just stomping boards for the sake of the grind basically. Then DB seemed to be listening and put out the 3x once a week. What a relief, what a great move by DB! Then they raise the stamina amounts we get for the same purchases, ie: 20 gems = 50 stamina now. Not bad, but that adds up fast for gems since their cost doubles for the same amount of stamina. What next? They realize they screwed up and jam it up our @** by requiring not only 100 stamina daily, but 20 keys (yes, the 20 free keys I get in a day that I earned by becoming VIP) those 20 keys are now wiped out as a regret for being VIP. VIP has terrible perks, you just removed them in my eyes.

  • This was talked about in the previous summit.
    Summit notes url was posted in this forum.
    I started a thread about this awhile ago for talking.

    Not exactly a surprise...
  • Apologies @sirolk99 ... I missed that tread ... so this is all new news to my guild and I. So yes ... it is exactly a surprise if you did not think such a massive change was coming. (and apologies ... been working 17 hour days at a work 7 days a week for the last 3 weeks ... my ability to take a break and catch up on the forums has been very limited).
  • I hear you @GalakSS not everyone can browse the forum 24/7 and yeah threads do tend to dissappear quickly if not posted on. :/
  • Oh dear. I've noticed the last few events have required a lot of stamina burn, now the daily quests will too. Clearly the developers want people to play more and burn through their stamina reserves.

    One step forward, two steps back seems to be the way DB likes to go.
  • I Hope you change that 20 quest per day... 5 with quickloot is enough.
    Better 3.
  • Joel wrote: »
    The quests shouldn't mix. If someone had already logged in today, they should have the same quests they started the day with and will get the new quests tomorrow. If they hadn't logged in yet, they'll get the new quests.

    my quests changed.
    I had done half, but the ones i hadn't done- craft runes- turned into different ones for fewer gem rewards.
    Are we losing MORE gems from daily rewards now? 1 instead of 3?
  • Way to subtlety sneak the “change daily quest.” It’s obvious why this change was made. More time played on the game and increase chance of players having to use stamina. Oh and that “finish” 4 pvp doesn’t work unless you actually win so you may want to clarify that. I know there has to be quite a few players, in my guild for sure, that only log on to get their crowns. I’m guessing over the next few weeks we will be losing quite a few members (and you players.... or as it appears from this update, customers). Way to dive even deeper into the pay to play approach (spend more time playing or use your resources in shop to be in a successful guild). This is just awful.
  • Barleyman wrote: »
    Oh dear. I've noticed the last few events have required a lot of stamina burn, now the daily quests will too. Clearly the developers want people to play more and burn through their stamina reserves.

    One step forward, two steps back seems to be the way DB likes to go.

    level cap is going up. That will take a lot of stamina.
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
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    Complete/quick look 20 CHALLENGE dungeons to earn the 35 daily crowms, all or nothing? At first glance, this appears to be:


    Now if you wanna change it to VIP points, we'll talk.

  • Seriously an all or nothing to earn your crowns. Plus requiring more stamina than the average player even has on a daily basis. I've just missed crowns for the first time ever playing this game, and will miss them again due to not having the stamina. When you took EEJ out of the mix did you just stop listening to us. Is it just about the $$$$ now, if so this was also a bad move as several of my players who are VIPs and have spent $ in the past are now saying you've gone too far.
  • Yep, I’m done. Will try to get through the week for my guild but that’s it. Gonna be a lot of guilds looking to fill spots next week.
  • Count me as another unhappy player due to the recent Daily Crown quest update. I feel the logic behind the "all or nothing" mandate to achieve the Daily Crown reward is flawed.
    The reason is, one hand of the Dungeon Boss encourages new players into Guilds so we can enjoy a fuller game experience, while the Boss's other hand is ready to punish us for not investing enough in the game.
    Dungeon Boss has been my favorite mobile game because the illusions it presents are very well-crafted; a game experience where I decide how leisurely or competitive my advancement is.
    This new Crown requirement seems like a cynical move to force us into spending currency (game or Real) in lieu of the Dungeon Boss dictating how long we must play the game each day, not to mention the awkward position it puts Guildmasters into with their guild members.
  • Also, why decrease the number of raid tickets that the quests were giving us? Giving us 2 tickets for daily quests must have been breaking the bank.
  • Why
    ... are you trying to make players quit...

    Crown system was not broken... it is now
    Lower level guilds will get nowhere and players will leave.. 35 or nothing .. whoever thought of that should stop thinking, what's next removal of stars on missions 3* or fail.... 6* fully ascended hero or nothing!!!

    Crown missions needed refreshing... different ones. Not burning with a subatomic bomb.

    Please reverse it before the lower players and guilds quit.
  • Don’t worry. They will make up for it in six months when they figure out how to let us all do an extra tower for a day as compensation for their now months-old bug.
  • All quests every day? 100+ stamina every day? No, thanks... It is so much effort, time, grinding. That is the time when game shifts from fun to obligation. Time to quit after 2 years! Gonna help my guildmates to finish this week and say Good bye! :(
  • I don't know who has been steering the ship over there at DB HQ lately, but he or she doesn't have the best interests of this game ( let alone its players) in mind. The constant stamina burns, the wild overcorrections, the changes nobody asked for or wanted while the changes we've been requesting for months get pushed back... This latest change is just the most recent example of what really seems to me to be a last ditch effort to wring a bit more cash out of us before you stop developing the game altogether.

    Tell me I'm wrong, devs. Tell me the company is really interested in making DB a successful game in the long term, and the recent missteps can and will be corrected. Say you're actually interested in taking suggestions that aren't just short term ROI. Show us that you care what your customers want.
  • Just add me to the chorus. This is a horrible change. Rolling it out simultaneously with a Guild Event seems a bit shady, too. Either you don't get why it's a big deal or don't care.

    Sadly, I think I'm in my final days with this game. Time to move on.
  • Echoing @ScoutYo - Everything except the 20 dungeons/day is ridiculous. In short, in order to gain any stamina for big events, you have to complete the tower every day, which will net you 70 stamina.

    Unless, of course, you want to hit up Boss Island for a new Epic or you know, those totems. Then it eats in to your gain.

    Most of the community will have the juice for 1 big Guild Event, but then folks are going to be way way down on stamina.

    There is nothing fun about running 20 dungeons for 1 gem. Nada. Ok, yay, I can get a few pyre embers and brimstone, and a few more aether each day. Yay?

    God forbid I want to run gold or evo islands. Forced to choose between having the stamina to handle the guild events and advancing my roster? Gross.

    Quite literally all the other changes, even reducing the gem rewards to 1, would have been FINE if you had just left the dungeon diving alone and kept it at 3, or even raised it to 5.

    I understand that this is a freemium game, but you guys are going towards more of a need-to-pay-to-play model if you want to approach being competitive. I would guarantee that the old gem reward for $2.99 nets you more sales than the increased price, and microtransactions are at the heart of all successful mobile games (see Candy Crush Saga, that rakes in more $$ than any game out there; bunch of $.99 purchases, because everyone can afford a buck now and again).

    Between this and #Towergate, it's like you're actively trying to infuriate the player base. There hasn't been a single person I've seen that's happy about the changes to the PvP rewards OR this stamina change.
  • 775 days of dedication to, once upon a time, a great game. 20 challenge dungeons a day(why not 3 or 5 max), WINNING 4 PvPs a day, i actually could make it work, but for half of my top 100 guild (over a year now), it's definitely not going to work. Wish I could say I will definitely make it to 800 days without laughing.
    Thanks, DB.
  • Daily Crown Quests:

    Gem Rewards:
    Before: 25-30
    Now: 60
    Net: +30

    Before: 10
    Now: 100
    Net: -90

    Loot Keys:
    Before: 1 used for the single, Quick Loot quest
    Now: 20 needed to quickly complete the one quick loot island and 20 challenge mode dungeons

    We now need to burn an extra 90 stamina and 20 loot keys in order to keep daily questing quick each day, where do we get those resources?

    90 Stamina:
    1,500 Aether for 100 stamina
    1,400 Pwnage for 100 stamina
    40 Gems for 100 stamina
    Net: 10 stamina per day

    20 Loot Keys:
    VIP7 and higher get 20 keys per day
    1,100 Honor for 20 keys
    1,600 Pwnage for 20 keys
    Other keys can come from other quests, sparklies, friend uses, events, etc.
    Net: -20 keys for VIPs; a more drastic cost for non-VIP7s if you want fast dailies by quick looting


    Daily quests can still be fast, if you are VIP7 or higher, but at a net loss of 20 keys.

    Net loss of 10 gems from what we used to earn from dailies - if you use gems to refresh the 100 stamina used for dailies.

    I was using Pwnage to purchase 100 stamina per day to build my reserves for events. So I either gain 30 gems per day and no longer store stamina, or I lose 10 gems and continue to accumulate stamina.

    I am VIP 10, so I will no longer be able to store loot keys. There will be an impact to my honor and Pwnage points if I want to accumulate keys.

    Non-VIP7s will see the greatest impact, but even for VIP7s or higher, there is nothing positive with these changes. There are ways to keep these dallies fast, but at a cost.


    Provide loot keys as a reward or shop purchase using gold or gems. Keys were removed from the shop not long ago.

    Reduce the number of dungeon runs, or have islands count as runs, boss mode count as runs, Tower floors count as runs, and event dungeons count as runs.

    Failure to adjust anything about these changes is going to have a major impact on your player base. In fact, it already has.
    GM - The Underworld Titans
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
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    @Joel @Eej @xtmn8r @Victoria @Greg @Joveth @AshleyD @DB_Dillon

    This 20 daily dungeon quest is complete [email protected]!!!
    5 max, or else see mass dropoff in players!!!

    You are [email protected] with the overall health of the guilds!!!
    Get this thru your greedy stupid heads!!!
    NO NO NO!!!

    And ATTEMPT 4 PVP raids, not finish/not complete/not win, but ATTEMPT!!!

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  • This system and lack of possibility of earn best rewards from events without spending (look at Lunar event math) make guilds a burden for casual player.

    You give 600 stamina and many other resources weekly to get 5 heroic summons and some additions.

    Best event rewards start at 6 mil points. All below that are not worth time for long time players.

    I will adapt. With level cap 80 on horizon, looks like it's time to solo slow leveling. This way i will have resources for everything.
  • My main account Is more than 580 days old, and this change to the daily quests will probably cause me to quit. Doing 20 challenge dungeons a day is not fun. Why will I play a game that isn’t fun?
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