Hero Spotlight: Agnon

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A pupil of Therrand Fiddlestrom was banished from the labs for experimenting with forbidden sciences. It was he who stumbled upon the formula to bring life to the gargoyle, which was once just a frightening decoration atop the Lich's castle.

Most Hated Hero: Leonidus

Element: Dark: +30% bonus against LIGHT enemies

Tags: Construct Warrior

  • FLYING – Takes less damage from Melee Attacks.
  • MAGICAL – Takes less damage from Physical Attacks.
  • LIVING STONE - Invulnerable to debuffs and can be healed normally.

Abilities and Ascensions:
  • PLUMMETING DOOM - Armor Piercing Physical attack that has a chance to Daze the target. Deals extra damage to Tanks and targets with high DEF.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • Water Evo Larva: 32
  • Fire Evo Sprite: 15
  • Dark Evo Monarch: 10
  • Arcane Evo: 3

NEW Trait!
  • DARK SKIES – Flying allies deal extra damage to non-flying enemies.

NEW Ability!
  • TERRORSTORM – Allied Constructs gain 1 Energy, then Agnon does a ranged Lightning attack against all enemies with a chance to inflict Fear. Deals extra damage to Armored enemies.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • Fire Evo Sprite: 42
  • Dark Evo Monarch: 28
  • Stormwind Evo: 6
  • Crypt Evo: 4

NEW Traits!
  • GRANITEFORM - Starts dungeons as a statue, greatly increasing his defense, until his first turn.
  • FLYING II – Takes even less damage from Melee attacks.

NEW Ability!
  • HARDENED ASSAULT – Melee Physical attack against target enemy that does 2 additional attacks on the enemies with the highest DEF, lowering their DEF on hit. After the attack, Agnon enters Graniteform until his next turn.
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