Shadow Architect

What does the Shadow Archirect thing do which is available in the Event Shop?


  • It is a title. E.g. SuperBigC Shadow Architect
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  • Hi,mos is there any point to it then I.e. does it affect anything in the game, otherwise there’s better things to choose. Also do you know what a ‘Corrupted Heart’ does? I purchased one of these at the last event but don’t know where it has gone / what it does, I thought it was a good rune or something!
  • Corrupted Heart = Used for rune crafting
  • Names should not be bought unless you want a cool title after your name. Corrupted hearts are used for the best runes found at the end of each element rune crafting tab. (Except for green runes.)
  • Thanks I have found the corrupted heart now!
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