Enlightenment Guaranteed: Join the Potatoes

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Are you ready to begin your adventure?
The Potato Army offers EVERYTHING to step up your game AND follow the path of champions!

Our GGX Rankings:

New to the Potato Family (not participants in GGX):
-Potato Chips

*Multi-language Line chat and help rooms
*PVP help from several Legendary Conquerors
*Spots available for Players of all Levels & Playstyles
*Promotions After Every Guild Event

Application Form:
Crowns per Week:
GG-10 Score:
GGT-2 Score:

(Attach Profile Screen Shot)

Fill out the Application Form, contact beckerbear or jamess1891 on LINE ft9s5bcdwnmc.png and we will place you in the perfect guild for you.
NEWS 04/19: Unfortunately The Potato Force is no longer part of our family - we hereby distance ourselves clearly from all future actions carried out by them.
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    Great job on the graphics @AtizZ ! :)
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  • danacdanac Member
    what if you're already enlightened?
    If you clap with one hand,
    if you've watched a tree fall in the forest,
    if you've seen the buddha, and killed the buddha?
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    @danac what are you on? I’d like to have some
  • danacdanac Member
    JS1891 wrote: »
    @danac what are you on? I’d like to have some

    enlightenment. It's a zen thing.
  • I just clapped with one hand and I've knocked a dead tree over. Do I get half credit?
  • danacdanac Member
    I just clapped with one hand and I've knocked a dead tree over. Do I get half credit?

    there is no half. There is only do.
  • x7ydz9mn75yy.png
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    Spots available this incoming reset. Looking for maxed crowns and heavy hitters on guild events. Please message @jamess1891 on Line chat app for guild placement
  • Spots available this reset in all level guilds!!! Message us for a spot!
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    Spots still available for high end players, message me @jamess1891 on line chat app to apply
  • Oracle9Oracle9 Member
    Looking for top players to fill our ranks.
    Please join our friendly helpful group of players and recieve the rewards you deserve.
    Message oracle-9, beckerbear or jamess1891on the LINE app for more info.
    GM of The Potato Army
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
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    Spots available for active players. Message me on line chat app @jamess1891 for guild placement.
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