Dunno if this is intended, a bug, or a fix

Floor 11, it had Shade Zomm Hansuke, and I'm gonna say OE.

I went dark with Shade Shadow Zomm and Hopper or the dwarf.
Because of previous floors, health, and special usage, I wound up losing all my heroes, after turning all theirs into Zomminions and killing Zomm and one minion.

So, I know if my heroes get turned into minions and Zomm lives, they're available for the next floor. And I know that Solaris bugs in the tower mean you had better kill everyone in one go, I thought Zomm floors were like that too.

The tower floor showed Shade and Zomm dead, Hansuke and O [the surviving minions alive.
So I sent in another team to clean up.
They went in and immediately won because there was nobody there to fight. I collected the chest and moved on.

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