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When damage pen first came out, I took of all my runes with it and went for attack and crit. It seems that it only penetrates armor but some people say it multiplies damage like the damage stat used to. Is a crit/DP/DP/(DP in PVP) better than a crit/att/att rune?


  • DP does two things.
    1. If the defender has DR, it directly subtracts from it. This is where DP is most effective.
    2. Once all DR is cancelled, it increases your final attack dmg by the remaining DP. This is a much less effective and you are better off stacking attack at this point.
  • So which rune it better for a damager hero?
  • BrazyBrazy Member
  • So for my Grog, I have a att625/att312/crit%5.59/burning touch or att405/DP3.78%/DP3.78%/12% DP vs beast. Which one is better? (Note Pig and Sol on my team already burn enemies well.
  • Each hero matchup will be different but as a general rule remember 300 attack will always have more resulting damage than a 10% increase to damage penetration.
  • So in a similar vein, is +defence also usually better than +dmg reduction? I've just assumed it is due to usually having Grog and Goretusk around, but I don't actually know for sure.
  • Yes after the combat revamp Damage Reduction took a big hit. On a team without Goretusk, it is beneficial to have one DR rune and the rest bulwark. On all beast teams, life > Defense > DR. On teams with Goretusk, as a general rule it's better to go all Defense due to Goretusk's passive DR buff.
  • Thanks for both the responses about ATT and DEF, I've really been wondering about this since the revamp...your guidance most helpful!

    (Is Damage Pen where you go to do time if you play too much DB?)
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