Hero ideas- January-February (my ideas)

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First luminescence, speed of the sun
She is a fast,light,elf,rogue, legendary
0 ascensions-
New passive! Steady Fire
If She Criticals, instead of gaining bonus damage gain haste, then lose 10% of her Critical strike This turn only

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms I
Increase's Critical strike by 5% for each elf on the team with a different color

(Basic attack)Hunting party
Deals a small amount of damage, if this consumes steady fire, your elves get 10% attack and a random elf on your team learns steady fire

New ability! Hold your fire
Apply hold your fire to all elves for 3 turns, skip your turn,reduce damage you take by 90%, whenever someone with hold fire is attacked counter attack this does not consume steady shot- 7 energy
(this will allow you to keep all buffs that would usually expire at the end of turn, whenever your attacked while hold fire is active with a full elf team, all elves will attack the hero who attacked the elf on your team)

First ascension
Requirements-50 light monarchs, 10 earth sister Evos, 4 arcane evos, and 3 diamond evos

New ability! Reckless maneuvering
gain 1 energy for each time an elf was attacked last turn, if this used steady fire all elves get energy instead, 8 energy

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms II
Increase attack 15% and critical chance by 5% for each elf on the team with a different color

Second Ascension
Requirements- 60 nature monarchs, 60 fire monarchs, 60 water monarchs, 60 dark monarchs

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms III
What it does is increase the attack of your elves by 5% and critical chance by 10% for each elf on the team with a different color

New passive! LimitBreaking
Your critical rate can now go over 50%
(so if she had the resources/ runes she could reach over 100% critical rate

New ability! Elementalize
All elves gain 10% elemental from each elf of a different element (if you have a purple, green,red,white you would get a furnace like passive for each of these elements)(( Like 10% Dark damage, 10%Light damage, 10%Nature damage, and 10%Fire damage))

Inferno is a slow,fire,caster,healer, spirit who was the apprentice of Sulfuras, I thought when Dungeon boss releases Sulfuras Boss mode you will battle him in the same room as sulfuras.

Appearance- Looks kind of like Shade except he is Extremely Cocky, He wears A crown of Flame, With wings of flame, Holds a book of Pyromancy and Dracomancy, on his other hand It is on fire holding a staff crafted from pure evil (A branch of Evil, Heroes blood, and the breath of his teacher Sulfuras

His Spread Flame ability looks like him pointing his wand at someone then the fire amplifying growing larger, his cleansing flame will look like him grabbing an elixir from his pocket, Dipping the wand in it and then casting a fire spell on his allies
his combustive charge will look like him Lighting himself on fire, charging into the Fray, bouncing between enemies and then returning to his spot on the team. His breath of Sulfuras will look kinda like Sulfuras's charge attack, except when his attack is successful it will slowly turn him into a dragon


New passive! living flame
burning stacks increasing each turn,each stack is 50% as efficient as the last one, if it would ever expire or be purged grow another stack, burning now pierces immuneities, and burns increase your maximum health of team by 1% of their damage or healing whenever they take effect until next encounter

(Basic Attack) Spread flame- increase all stacks of burning/cleansing flame by 1 if anyone has any stacks

New ability! Cleansing flame,
Apply cleansing flame to your team,((Basically burn except it heals and is placed on allies)) this works with living flame (when it heals it will increase max health if it would ever be purged or expire it will gain 1 more stack) 3 energy

First ascension
Requirements-7 Incedinary evos,37 fire monarchs,55 Fire Evos, and 2 arcane evos

New passive! consuming flame
whenever you attack a burning target increase attack and critical by 10%remove all stacks of burning and attack again for each stack removed (this effect stacks)(( Basically this would increase attack and critical strike by a medium amount and double the stacks of burning on the target and attack for each stack applied))

New ability! combustive charge
Deal medium Fire damage to all enemies, enhance your next spread flame to increase all stacks by the amount of stacks consumed by this attack- 6 energy (Consuming Flame attacks are chosen randomly

Second ascension
Requirements- 4 shadow evos,7 incendiary evos,5 mind evos,65 fire monarchs

New passive! Dragons Heart-
Increase Healing received to all burning allies (also is affected by Cleansing flame ((basically increases healing by cleansing flame and increase healing received by people affected by cleansing flame)))

New ability! Breath of sulfurous
Charge for 2 turns, then deal heavy damage to all enemies (burns Corpses of enemies killed and ones that are already dead), then transform into dragon form- 5 energy

New passive! Links to the Past
If on a team with Ignus gain Pyro maniac, if on a team with shade Give him pyro maniac, If on a team with both Ignus And Shade Whenever Someone Attacks A Burning Target They Gain Consuming Flame, and whenever they proc consuming Flame the team gains 1 energy

Dragon Form Traits-

New passive!Fast and furious
Attacks first, and as health decreases damage increases

New passive! Sharded Memory
Retains all passives, buff, debuffs and max Hp increases from caster Form

New passive! Thick scales
immune to debuffs, take 25% less damage from all sources (Armored) when he dies revert back to inferno

New ability!Rapid fire,
deal super low fire damage to a random enemy 10 times, reduce their defense, this effect stacks, chance to burn

New ability!Out in flames
cast rapid fire until you die, each time cast lose 10% health, decrease health lost as skill increases

Shape Shift heroes don't have a specific color so instead they have special colored evos called Shifting evos,they require 2 evos of all colors to craft of their specific rareity ((like monarchs need 2 of each color for monarch, evo need 2 color for each evo and larvae need 2 of each color for larvae)

Reign Cloud a cloud that, he is blue and all happy like when blue, white is well lightning zapping randomly from him and stuff
A shape-shift hero is a hero that can change between 2 colors, two sides, cool downs are shared on both sides... usually, so be careful which one you dedicate to
Healer,Monster, Blue Hero(shape-shift hero)light Hero,Monster,Caster
0 ascensions

Basic attack Blue- Drizzle
Heal target Hero for a small amount, apply thirst to target Hero (increase healing recieved, reduce damage taken if a monster, and if a water hero also damage dealt, stacks 10 times)

Stormy Heart I- monsters deal 10% more damage, has a chance to counter attack when a friendly monster is attacked

Calm heart I (Blue Side passive)-
Monsters have 10% increased health, and are healed 10% more

Basic attack White-Lightning
Deal a small amount of lightning damage to target enemy, apply drought (healing reduced, take increased damage from monsters if not a monster, if a water hero deal less damage stacks 10 times)

New ability Blue side- Mirage
Give target Hero taunt and Damage Reflection, apply off balance to all enemies for their first attack - 6 energy

New ability White Side- Eye of the Storm!
Deal Heavy Lightning damage, target takes increased damage from cloud, Gain haste

1st ascension
Requirements:20 shifting Monarchs, 15 shifting evos, 6 mind evos, and 12 shifting larvae

New transformation ability for Blue-Angered
Affect a random enemy with paralysis, change to your Bitter form, BAD DAY- 0 energy

New transformation ability for White-Happy Heal
Heal team for a small amount and apply first, if there are any monsters on the team double the healing for each one healed, shift to Happy form

New passive! Stormy Heart II
Monsters are healed 25% more and have 25% increased max health

2nd Ascension
Requirements:9 stormwind evos,5 astral evos,5 moonlight evos, 35 shifting monarchs

New passive! Calm Heart III
Monsters have 30% increased health and are healed 30% more, whenever a monster is attacked, cloud has a chance to heal the monster attacked, give him aegis shield and a stack of thirst

New ability! Frankensision-
Strike Target dead monster with lightning, reviving it with unbalanced until next turn, your Angered Self gains 2 energy (10 energy cost)

New passive! Stormy heart III
monsters deal 30% increased damage, whenever a monster is attacked cloud has a chance to erupt with lightning dealing a small amount of damage, steal 1 energy from the target, and apply droubt

New ability! Electrical Frenzy
deal a medium amount of damage consuming all stacks of thirst on this hero and drought on target dealing small amounts of damage to him for each one consumed, for each one consumed all monsters gain increased attack, and has a chance to shock,Happy side gains 3 energy (10 energy cost)

Reigns Epics-
Reign cloud blue: epic passive- New passive! Monster blood,
at 10 stacks of thirst, if another stack would be applied transform all stacks into quenched (if this is a monster deal double damage,gain 10% lifesteal,gain an additional stack of thirst from all sources, stacks 10 times, and resets at the end of each stage)
Light reign cloud:happy has a 30% chance to get a cast again for each monster on the team

Next is pignus revamp
1.pignius is now a warrior,loses Solaris taunt and gains the passive endless rage, whenever a beast makes a bonus attack pignius's next attack is increased by 20%, this stacks
2. Hog wild with no Ascension now increases the chance for a beast bonus attack by 30% one Ascension by 50% and both Ascensions by 65%
3. Burning taunt is now replaced by To Mush! Energy cost is 10, deals heavy damage, has double benefit from endless rage, and whenever a beast bonus attacks and crits this attack gains 2 energy

1. My next Hero is Cycler, he is Green Hero, fully ascended he looks like a bunch of mashed together constructs
2.This Heroes is fast, a construct,caster,tank, Legendary

0 ascensions

New ability! living armor
Destroy all constructs, they revive in 2 turns, increase attack and defense and health of Cycler by 50% for each construct destroyed for 2 turns, if Cycler dies while this buff is on purge living armor, revive Cycler to full health, and revive the constructs right away- 7 energy (He is armored during the duration of Living armor, and this does affect dead constructs)

New passive! Here to serve I
Chance to take a hit for a construct

New passive! Magical
Takes less damage from attacks not physical

New passive! Construct
Immune to all Debuffs, but cannot be healed

New passive! Fast
Attacks first

1st ascension
Requirements:3 spirit evos,4 brawny evo,35 Light Evos, 40 Nature Monarchs

New ability! Overcharge
Constructs Gain Fast and Haste until Next turn -5 energy

New passive! Here to serve II
Chance to take a hit for an allied construct, when hit reduce damage cycler takes until his next turn by 20% (Stacks)

Scrap Metal- Gain 1% increased health equal to every 1% missing from your constructs
(while living armor is active if your team is full construct they he gains 300% increased health, if it has 1 member that is not a construct then benefit is only 200%, also as his hp decreases his max hp increases, also as Max hp increase he is healed to that amount so he won't just gain max hp for him to have to be healed to, and when the others gain health he loses max hp from this bonus, max bonus is 399% max HP This effect is affected by skill, it takes a lot of skill to increase its effect, but it will increase)

2nd ascension
Requirements:3 infinity evos,4 Bushido Evo's,40 nature monarchs, and 40 light monarchs

New passive! Backup Battery
Once per Dungeon if this hero would die resurrect with 1 additional energy

New passive! Here to Serve III
Chance to take a hit for an allied construct, when taking this hit cycler takes 35% less damage, when an AOE is cast and your entire team are constructs, chance to channel their energy and Activate a force field reducings its damage by 70% dealing splash damage to all enemies

New ability! Drainage
Reduce damage dealt by enemies next turn by 0% increasing by 1% for every level, constructs gain 2 energy and cycler taunts - 9 mana

New ability! King Of the Constructs
Increase skill for constructs on your team for each construct by 25%, allied constructs have a chance to follow up attack other constructs, and cycler has a chance to follow up attack other constructs

My next thing is dwarf revamps
1. Hagrim now has Kings lumberjack, if you have king valkin on your team dwarfs get every 3 turns haste
2. Armed and ready a passive that makes armor increases physical damage dealt by 25% instead of damage reduction
3. Rogar Stonecrusher's Rage strike with forging, increase damage done by your next attac by 12% at level 70 this stacks
4. New passive - kings blacksmith, if king valkin is on the team forging can be used on other dwarfs, the attack increase lasts forever, but only stacks 7 times
5. Armored passive is now heavy armor for Rogar stonecrusher, it reduces physical damage taken by 7% for each buff on stonecrusher ( if in a team with fiddlestorm increase attack by 10% for each buff)

This is rat-achooi
Before I start talking about this hero I am going to name a new hero mechanic added into the game with heroes like these, it is called shape-shift

, these heroes have their first Ascension ability switch element and sometimes special words like speed, species, or attack class.
They can also switch their starting hero before they enter battle, when doing this it will allow you to apply the runes to the second half of the hero as well, the runes equipped on one half won't effect the other, but have double effect on the affected hero!
The runes on both halfs is the same color as their element, each half will have a limit of two runes so choose wisely!
Down to the serious stuff, these heroes share cooldowns, and health, and status effects, their epics affect transformation not their basic attack, each half has their own epic so it's twice the work, but the stats go to both halves, and the epic passives affect both halves( even if the other half didn't have the passive), and the picture frame would have a slash diagonal with 2 pictures 1 on top and one on bottom (the one on top is the one you chose to start with.

First backstory, This poor rat was in the woods and then some tree attacked him! (The final boss in the final chapter) he asked Solaris to heal him for the poor rat was mortally wounded, but she thought he was to ugly to use her precious pheonix feathers on him, this made the rat sad and he almost died, but then zom arrived with his army of dead and Chose to,revive him in his army, the rat eternally grateful promised to aid zom forever, but he will never forget or forgive Solaris for what she did to him! He is a green slow,beast,warrior in his before zom and a purple,undead,fast,rogue currently

Shape Shift heroes don't have a specific color so instead they have special colored evos called Shifting evos,they require 2 evos of all colors to craft of their specific rareity ((like monarchs need 2 of each color for monarch, evo need 2 color for each evo and larvae need 2 of each color for larvae) and the first celestial evo i thought would be crafted with these is the immortal evo (it costs 12 shifting monarchs,2 crypt evos, and 2 infinity evos)

0 ascensions

basic attack for green-swamp breath
Chance to slow, if the target is already slow affect then affect the target with swamp fever (can't counter attack, goes after slow heroes, and takes increased damage from undead)

New ability for green-Fight to survive
Cleanse target and deal heavy spirit damage, heal for 20% of damage dealt for each debuff removed

New passive! Embrace death (Both forms)
If Solaris is not on the team swamp fever instead reduces damage your hero takes, whenever you would counter attack instead gain haste without dodge buff, and attack after fast heroes instead of negative effects for Rat and Zomm

Basic attack for purple- Reapers touch
Which applies reapers poison to a dead or alive target, people affected with reapers mark deal 3% of their max health to all allies when revived, stacking upto 10 times

New ability for Purple Cannibalize
Eats target corpse, triggers all stacks of reapers poison, if its a beast steal its passives and buff, Cost 8 energy

New passive! (Both forms) Lovable scourge
immune to poison, venom,wounds,disease, and chance to cancel attacks targeting this hero

New passive! (both forms) Endurance
Immune to fear, increased resistance to freeze and burns

New passive! (purple form) Fast
Goes first

New passive! (green form) slow
goes last, boosts attack and max hp, and has a chance to revenge physical attacks

1st Ascension
Requirements: 47 Shifting monarchs, 23 Green Monarchs, 33 Purple monarchs,6 crypt evo's

New transformation ability (for green/ mortally wounded)Unleash plague
transform into your current undead state, deal a small amount of dark damage to everyone, chance to apply swamp fever

New passive! (both forms) Unknown origin
Your heroes that are not zomm and rat have permanent swamp fever, increase health and attack of zomm and rat by 3% for each stack of swamp fever

New transformation ability (for purple/current undead state) Devour life
drains life out of enemies doing a small amount of spirit damage to everyone, lifesteals 75% of damage dealt, transform yourself into your mortally wounded self

2nd ascension
requires:1 immortal evo,10 shifting monarchs,6 runed evos, 2 shadow evos

New passive! (purple/ current undead state) deathly grip
Chance for undeads to steal 1 energy on crit

New passive! (Green/Mortally wounded) Near death
Takes a small amount of damage at the end of every turn to gain an additional energy (damage decreases as skill increases)

New ability for (purple/current Undead State) Rat Pact
Transform everyone that isn't rat or zom into an ability-less rat with lovable scourge, cast devour life, empower his next attack (empowered attacks have double their usual numbers) energy 11

New ability for (green/mortally wounded) sickening storm
fully embrace the curse doubling all stacks of debuff( further increases damage dealt by undead for swamp fever)cast unleash plague, and empower your next attack (empowered attacks have double their usual effect)- energy cost 11

All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...


  • These are NOT in order to which I had first, if you guys have any ideas on some archatype you think needs help that would be great, I feel like a lot of people are going to ask this question so 1. I have no relation to DB, just pationate about the game
    2. I do this because I like creating alternate versions of games play them in my head and maybe they need balencing, idk
    3. It is unlikely these are ever going to make it into the game, I have worked for games before, but one of them might and that would make that group of people really happy
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
  • Ok constuctive criticism:
    Maybe edit and break up this information, onto seperate, titled pages. Like the ideas, but is WAYYY to hard to read and understand
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  • made some edits, hope this makes it easier to read
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
  • made some edits, hope this makes it easier to read

    It would be way easier to read if you ACTUALLY stated which are abilities and which are passives, (took me a while to know which are which) but other than that I can see them working in a way
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    I hope this makes it easier to read... finally did all the changes
    also i have rewritten some things so i had to take epics out so i will put them right here

    epics -- epics can also be triggered by the forth ability on this character The one for the purple undead is epic unknown origin- swamp fever can now affect anything, and is now contagious (spreads at the end of each turn) devour life has a 30% chance to do double damage, and steal 1 energy from everybody not undead. The one for life/,mortally wounded is unleash plague now has a 30% chance to cast it 1 time for each person already affected with swamp fever, each of these casts do double damage and reduce the maximum health of enemies it damages

    Also i sudgest you don't read this all at once...
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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    Nice! Only other criticism, is maybe to space out, and structure your paras a little more.... use headings, font types, and lists to achieve this.
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  • wat
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
  • Never mind
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