Cacodemon the Fast Demon Caster

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Cacodemon (Starts with 2 stars)

Classification: Fast/Demon/Caster

Element: Dark
35/45% vs Light units

Runes: [Dark|Dark|Fire|Fire|Nature]

Fast- Attacks first
Magical- Takes less damage from non-Physical attacks
Spiny Skin- Melee attackers take small damage when hitting this hero
Terror from the Depths- Fears all enemies at the beginning of each room for one round
Ghastly Presence- All allied demons are fear and disease immune and take less damage from spirit attacks
Shifty Wings- Takes less damage from melee attacks and has a 75% chance to dodge ranged attacks
Soul Hunting- The more an enemy attacks this hero, the higher chance this hero will randomly attack the attacking enemy in between rounds
The Dark Side- If on a team with Shade, the Shrouded buff will last two turns at the beginning of each round instead of one

Attack- 2,696
Defense- 2,325
Skill- 1,175
Max Health- 4,746
Crit Chance- 26%
Crit Multiplier- 200%
Dodge Chance- 0%
Damage Penetration- 0%
Damage Reduction- 0%
Fire Resist- 0%
Nature Resist- 0%
Water Resist- 0%
Light Resist- 0%
Dark Resist- 33%
Spirit Resist- 6%


Hell Fire- Shoots a bright green ball of fire at one enemy with a chance to burn the target enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 6
Pulverizing Strike- Shoots all enemies with one large purple bolt of electricity making target enemy loose two energy and all other enemies loose one energy and leaves them all shocked

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Sinister Lick- Attacks one enemy by licking them with unhealable damage and leaves them with a lowered DEF, ATK and has a chance to burn, poison, disease, or freeze. This also life steals 75% of the damage done to the enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 5
Revelation- All Demon allies will attack one random ally then get a boost in DEF and will have a 60% chance to dodge for two rounds

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  • I really like his almost pet-like look. The lick ability especially highlights this.

    P.S. Oh no, not another Shade combo.
  • Well I haven't really been seeing Shade teams anymore actually. But I would agree, Shrouded for two rounds is pretty OP.
  • I know i always ask for creators to change their ideas........ But maybe make him light?
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  • We already have dark demons :wink:
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
  • I'm trying to think of an awful pun about this guy, but nothing is coming to mind... My career in comedy was DOOMed from the start
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  • HAhaha that's a good one!... lol
  • GingeNinja wrote: »
    I know i always ask for creators to change their ideas........ But maybe make him light?

    I could make a light demon... I have something in mind already actually.
  • @atKorosLit How 'bout this boi? :p
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