hero simmularities between unused heroes and used heroes

I will start off by naming one of my recent realizations to the simmularities between heroes- Bovus and Grog Gnog
These heroes are actually pretty close in power level (A lot of Grog Fans will prob hate this so you should just skip to another simmularity)
1. they both have a slow as their first ability
2. they both get bonus attacks in most of their attacks ( grizzled rampage,beastly rampage, grogs basic attack and epic, and bovus epic)
3. they are both warriors
4. they both have epics
Basically these 2 heroes are nearly identical except one has green synergies (tsume,willow, or more commonly lily) and the other one has lots of defense buffs

Jabber and Mangle
1. they both have flesh shredder
2. they both have an AOE (if you count poison rampage an Aoe, but actually jabbers epic is an AOE)
3. They both apply dots
4. They both have lifesteal
5. they are both warriors
6. they both have amazing energy ballance
7. And they can both apply fear

Feel encouraged to post similarities you have noticed on this forum
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    Shadowblade and Hopper
    1) They both are dark
    2) They both are fast
    3) They both gain dodge
    4) They both have AOE abilities
    5) They both have life gaining abilities
    6) They both are made significantly stronger paired with Shade

    Feel encouraged to post similarities you have noticed on this forum

    @Schnuppe Whatever are you talking about >.> <.< Shh
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  • @MattCauthron I bet you mean Shadowblade and Hopper, not Shade ;)
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