Patch Notes: March 22nd, 2018

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Patch 1:
  • Fixed an issue with Evo island images that had them always saying the islands had "3 days" remaining.
  • Fixed an issue with Bauble's IFF healing that would sometimes make it restore an incorrect amount of health.
  • Fixed Icebloom's Let it Snow. It wasn't freezing allies for some reason, now it is again. We know that some players were enjoying the bugged version of the ability, but freezing allies is a big part of the ability, and the primary use of her Icy Embrace passive.

Patch 2:
  • Edited the dark Elite Battle Rune that was sold briefly in he shop earlier today and was WAY more powerful than it was supposed to be. The change will make the rune what it was supposed to be: very powerful, but still within the actual bounds of what an Elite Rune can be. We're not introducing a single rune that is five tiers higher than Elite. :tongue:
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  • Don't feel bad for Icebloom. She couldn't be happier she had her time in the sun during 2018.

    Think about Icepick. Who's Icepick you say?

  • Boooo.
  • dvd54407 wrote: »

  • So with the Icebloom "fix" do your own heroes have a chance to resist being frozen like an opponent's would, or are all allies that can be frozen automatically frozen. My last 2 pvp matches I've frozen my own Ferno with Icebloom but not my opponents. Will adding skill to my Ferno decrease the chance that my own Icebloom will freeze him?
  • danacdanac Member
    They sure do fix bugs that help *us* pretty quick.....
  • Not sure if this is planned or not;
    But koros ‘consumes’ poison and burn even if a hero doges his attacks
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
  • GingeNinja wrote: »
    Not sure if this is planned or not;
    But koros ‘consumes’ poison and burn even if a hero doges his attacks

    That bugs been around since Koros was released.
  • gmungmun Member
    All of koros buff purges happen prior to the attack so Dodge rng isn't involved.
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