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Hi today i have done 10x heoric summon during legendarny event and 4 guaranted unlocks and unfortunatelly IT unlocked only 3 Heroes for me. I still have 2 locked of legendarny event , and mamy others. i AM 50 lvl and my game nickname is Zjembanana. Pls give me the 4 Hero.


  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey @ZjemBanana. It is possible for one of your 'unlocks' to be a large amount of tokens for a hero that you already have, so you most likely got a bunch of tokens for a hero you already unlocked. If that did not happen, you can contact customer support.
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  • @Joel you guys may want to reword the way the portal boosts are stated then. Because I can understand the confusion that ZjemBanana is having. Usually it states that you can unlock the featured hero or get 25 tokens for them if you already have them. This event however says that it guarantees 4 hero unlocks with a 10x summons but doesn’t mention the tokens for already unlocked heroes can count. While most of us have been playing long enough to under stand how it normally works there are plent out there that don’t and I would be more than a little upset if I were expecting 4 new heroes and only got 2 or 3 after spending a large amount of gems.
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    YES I know there usually is hero or tokens but this time I was absolutely sure of getting 4 hero unlocks what exactly says the event. So i wasted 2700gems because not unlocked any of 2 heroes left Solaris and lord zomm which I wanted the most so I am absolutely furious. Meaning the way you heated me for 1 hero. :/ ,,,
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    Lolz this is why I don't buy. Portals :trollface: (don't trust this comment I do buy portals every once and a while but only if it is gaurenteed to be interesting like jackpots... But every time I get a jackpot its just 50 tokens, imo tokens should also give some potions,gold, or celestial evos because I would rather the 3 of these over tokens for heroes I probably don't are about... If only they were jabber tokens :bawling:
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