PVP is boring since combat update

Always see the same teams. Wish I knew how to fix it, I used to love PVP. It does seem to me the special (i.e. Guardian) runes have only made things worse by making Def/life/DR even better.

I wonder if buffing damage pen would help? Then you have even more power creep which is already out of control. I also know the payout changes in PVP have hurt too by allowing more rewards to be stolen...hammer time I guess.

Just sad that my favorite part of the game has been reduced to my least favorite part now.


  • Combat revamp had very little affect on the repetition of flavor of the month defenses at the top. It's always been that way for over a year.

    As for "allowing more rewards to be stolen" - since the implementation of this system you have always been able to have 100% of your awards stolen from your chest. That most certainly has not changed either.

    Perhaps you simply don't like the current meta or are just getting generally burned out. With the correct teams you can still have relatively fast fights however. A couple weeks ago the top person was doing a fight every 2 minutes for 16 hours a day multiple days in a row.

    If you're struggling with specific teams, the forums is always happy to help with appropriate solutions!
  • echonapechonap Member
    Small correction Matt. You cannot have gems stolen. Only honor and gold.
  • echonap wrote: »
    Small correction Matt. You cannot have gems stolen. Only honor and gold.

    Well gems didn't exist before the recent change, hence why I didn't mention them in the comparison of the before and after honor/gold losses. But yes you are correct of course.
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