Troublesome group of defenders. Shade/Koros/Bloom/Gore

I’m looking for some strategic advice on the best line up to counter this group?
As I’m having difficulty,any ideas would be helpful.


  • Furnace Agnon Solaris Stonefist. Taunt w Furnace, kill GT with Agnon and SF. Don't kill Koros first round. Shade can't link, so he will possess his own GT (if you kill Koros, you risk eating another purging pyre). Icebloom can only freeze Solaris, then becomes useless for next two rounds with Furnace taunt up. Basically, 3 out of 4 defenders are useless. Just need to watch out for Koros, and you are guaranteed to survive purging pyre and siphoning rampage.
  • Agnon, Solaris, Shade, Gore Tusk

    *This team only works if you have the +1 energy rune one Shade*

    Shade - Link GT
    GT - Freeze Koros
    Agnon - PD Koros

    The rest should be a cakewalk.
  • Huge Thanks to both of you, I’ve tried both methods with success! Thank you
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