Solaris Fire Team-Attacks?

I started playing only a few days ago. Eventually by chance I assembled a team consisting of Solaris and other fire heroes. For a while every attack of any team member on a certain opponent was followed by automatic attacks of all other team members on the same opponent. So virtually I always had 2,3 or 4 attacks instead of just one. Pretty efficient, and I loved it. But today eventually these team-attacks stopped, and I wasn't able to get it back to work (maybe I replaced some runes on a hero?).
Can somebody please let me know, how I need to set up my teams to get these team-attacks back to work?
Thank you and Cheers!


  • what you were probably experiencing was beast synergy. This comes in many different forms depending on which beasts you choose. These synergies can occur without Solaris, but Solaris is kind of the crux of a good beast team right now and has a lot of individual synergies with specific beasts.

    I'd recommend you look over the passive abilities on the Stats page of your heroes and look over the beast's passives to get a sense of what kind of combinations can occur.
  • It might be that you chose fire team for this event and have to again. Otherwise, like itirnitii said, it could have been Solaris/Lupina/Torchy/Pignius.
  • Thanks for your quick help, guys! I will check the passive stats. Still weird, that I still want to team up the same heroes, and does no longer work. During the time, these team-attacks did work, I was able to use them in all quests, tower levels, raids, ... then all of a sudden it stopped completely lately. I think I just powered up the team members with runes, level up, ... when I realized, my team-attacks would no longer work. I
  • It's probably the Fire vs. Water event then. You have to pick a side each day (1 PM PST) and if you choose fire, fire allies do follow up attacks. You may not have chosen a side today or selected water instead in which case water allies do the same thing.
  • You chose water today. Fire yesterday. Right?
  • I did not chose at all till now. Sounds plausible, as I was fire yesterday indeed.
    Thanks again guys! I really do appreciate your fast and kind support!
  • I sided with fire and got my "team-attacks" back.
    I am repeating myself, but thank you once more for your help. You made me happy again :-)
  • Don't get used to them. Only two more days before no more team attacks. ;)
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