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Here is my Idea for a PvP Mode too fight against all Heroes of other Players.

(Excuse my bad English but i last speak, spoke, spoken English some years ago and postin something? I´ll better don´t talk about it) :D

I´m thinking in "Lines"

Attacking Player:

The Attacker can only use one Team to beat the other player? (so he can´t re-use Runes on other Heroes etc)

Defending Player:

Heros selection from left to right: 1,2,3,4

in game Lines :


every time a hero ist beaten another one jumps in this Line to support the defending Team. (optional using his first Ability when he comes in? to make it harder^^)

the defender can choose for each line what Hero can jump in next. for example:

Defender Team
Line 1 - Zomm next in que Yasmin next in que Augustus .....
Line 2 - Brom next in que Grog-Gnog next in que Bramble ..........
Line 3 - Lupina next in que Hansuke next in que Ekko ............
Line 4 - Bovus next in que Igorok next in que Torchy ...........

so if Zomm ist beaten Yasmin jumps in. in Line 1
Then Bovus falls and Igorok comes. If Igorok is beaten Torchy comes up etc. in Line 4

thank u for reading ^^

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