Ignus revamp and epic

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At 0 ascensions
New passive! burning hands II

Has a 25% chance to burn on attacks

Volcanic shards switches places with fire wall and volcanic shards purges burns to gain an extra attack on a random enemy

2 ascensions

Fire wall is replaced with the ability fire tempest

Attack all burning enemies, has double pyromaniac bonus damage, and cleanses burns off of damaged enemies (0 energy)

New passive! Living up to legacy

If on a team with ferno grant ferno maniacal, and ignus gains supercharged ( when a burning enemy is damaged gain a stack of supercharged, next time you attack cast your basic attack on target enemy for each stack ((stacks up to 16 times)))

Maniac now grants immunity to taunt and provoke

Ignus epic:

30% chance to attacks all non-burning enemies, until they are burning, if all enemies are burning attack them all once then cleanse the burn

Now his hands glowing with purple fire, his eyes glowing purple with the same cryptic fire (like his dad I will talk about later) and holding the book of his dad- Ignius the molten, the one who summoned SULFURAS!
The book is rapidly switching from glowing red to glowing purple

His staff would be Crimson colored, runed with purple lines glowing with haunted magic, it's name is Pandora's curse, mixed with the matireal used to make Pandora's box, half of molten red mountain which soon became mount magma home of SULFURAS,

Questions that might be wondered about this epic: what does it do to people that are immune to being burned- it will automatically kill them, this is affected by maniac, and this doesn't go infinite in people immune to burns and spirit damage, only one attack and then it is done

Later today I will make a new goblin hero...
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
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