Elite rune crafting-dpen vs pve?

Do pve opponents have DR because this is my latest crafted elite rune and I’m really sick of getting burned on these. If pve opponents do not have dr why does this 4th stat exist and if they do have dr why is pve ridiculously easy? That’s rhetorical.

My guild is coming to the consensus that crafting elite runes and buying elite rune packs is one of the worst values in the game. Isn’t there something wrong with this? Is this working as intended? As a group we’ve spent way too much gems and mats and I have seen maybe(I can’t remember it but there has to have been at least one) 1 rune in 40/50 that would make my pvp team. 60k honor runes> super expensive elite runes? Please consider balancing this or offering greater transparency on what we are getting for the large cost of these runes. Thank you for your consideration. 9iqbookpufec.png


  • MattCauthronMattCauthron Member
    edited April 2018
    I don't think you understand how that 4th stat works. It just makes you do more damage in PvE. It does not require that they have DR for it to work. Even without the 4th stat, that is still a solid rune.
  • payingthacostpayingthacost Member
    edited April 2018
    Isn’t 10%pvp pen better than ~130 attk? I hope you are right and I misunderstand the situation. I am currently using my easily obtainable superior pvp runes and a few event runes, should I be replacing any of them with this one?

    It sounds like you are having more luck with crafting elites than me, but I have not been happy with any of them I hope you are right and I have been misjudging the situation.

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