Kovet the Sand Demon (Light, Fast Demon Tank)


Kovet (as in covetous) grew up in the desert where under extreme conditions developed an affinity for all tools and matter of power. His magic is sand-based, his techniques are unorthodox, and his goal is to use any means to come out on top and prove he's superior.

New Buff!
Sand Shield - An aegis shield that negates any debuff or purging or Lifesteal effect, and absorbs 50% damage and reflects half of that to melee attackers {25% reflected from initial attack} {Activates on damaging hit or any effect, one use}

Basic Attack
Fortified Assault - Provides a Sand Shield for himself or an ally and that character attacks a random enemy; his attack being a melee physical punch. When all allies are shielded the attack changes, and removes all shields and attacks all enemies with a Ranged Physical blast with a chance to decrease ATK.
*Cannot target shielded allies to limit stacking

1st Ability
Dust Devil - Creates a sandstorm that reduces accuracy of enemies' ranged attacks by 40% for three turns (Low-damage AoE similar to Ignus's Wall of Fire) [Cooldown 8]

Heavily Weathered - 50% boosted resistance to Burn, Poison, Disease, Shock, and Frozen

1st Ascension
2nd Ability
Pyramid Scheme - Non-damaging Spirit Link targets all enemies and allies: will either steal 2 random buffs or exhaust 1 energy per debuff from each target. After this, all allies get +1 Sand Shield.
*Allies that have Sand Shield at the start of this move don't lose anything, and share their buffs.
*Enemies with Sand Shield use it and are left unaffected
*Enemies with no buffs or debuffs are dealt damage.
*All stolen buffs are purged from targets them and for Kovet, all last until the end of his next turn (2 turns)
[Cooldown 7]

New Trait
Egotistical - When an ally dies, boosts his Max Health and Heals, if it was a demon ally boost ATK and DEF too.
*Effects cannot be purged, but are relinquished if the dead ally is resurrected.
*Stacks up to 3 times when he's the last one standing

Final Ascension
3rd Ability
Proper Burial - Melee Light attack on all targets. On a killing blow, removes corpse and heals demon allies.
[Cooldown 5]

New Traits
Frigid Nite - If on a team with Icepick, all Shields, Sand or Aegis, have a chance to inflict Frostbite on melee attackers
Scorching Mourning - If on a team with Nitpick, burning enemies lose 1 energy at the start of each turn instead of gaining 1.


  • i like it
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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