Show opponents' guild when selecting a match in PvP

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We are currently in an event that encourages PvP, and are rated according to the trophies a guild collects. That means it's a bad idea for guild members to raid one another. Right? Because the loser is going to cost the guild some trophies on the scoreboard, no matter who wins.

There are 50-odd people in a guild. I can't even put my trousers on the right way in the morning, let alone remember the names of more than a couple of guildmates. Could you please show a person's guild beneath their name (or something) either on the screen where a player chooses one of three opponents, or on the "scout" screen that follows?


  • I think you have a bigger issue to worry about... :p
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  • your also forgetting the fact that some people have allied guilds... i have seen other games do this because people were getting kicked for ruining their allies chance of winning, i wouldn't be supprised if some people who play this game would do the same.
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