Lord Zomm third skill bug

I think the Lord Zomm third skill is buggy.
The description read: 22% max health/1 energy + 22% max health / 1 energy per zomm minion.
When I use the skill with 3 zomminions, the energy is gained but health is surely not updated.
In the boss dugeon run, I manage to used that skill 4 times, that should be 400% hp increase but Im pretty sure his HP does not increase at all. (my zoom hp was 10k at default, and a 2k hit already eat my 1/5 hp bar)


  • Im pretty sure there is a cap on max health at 200%.
  • MaxBeamerMaxBeamer Member
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    If your Zomm was already damaged and you raise his max health it will look like he has lost health, but he hasn’t because now his actual health is a smaller percentage of his max health.
  • Please read. A 2k hit still eat my 1/5 hp bar. So the max HP still the same (10k)
  • tthebonetthebone Member
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    Max health increases cap at 100% (twice the character’s maximum health)
    source: http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/57123/0/#Form_Comment
  • echonapechonap Member
    Maybe it resets per room?
  • In response to some of the helpful commentary, it is safe to say that Max health buffs have always been capped since the introduction of Kozar, but more importantly, to answer your question with Lord Zomm, If you happened to use taste for Brains before using His third Ability, do remember that Taste for Brains increases his own & his allies Max HP by a set amount on a death blow or when used on a corpse which also combs well with his third ability.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • 200% max of his starting HP or his base xp? (Do his runes count towards the max.) Say his base health is 10k and, impossibly, you get his HP to 20k purely through runes. In a dungeon is his max health capped or can he earn up to 40k HP?
  • whatever you see on his character stats (runes included) can be doubled through the use of abilities.
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