Terrox! The Dark Fast, Alien, Caster


Background: Terrible things can come in small packages...


Classification: Fast, Alien, Caster

Element: Dark
+35/45% vs Light units

Runes: [Dark|Dark|Dark|Fire|Fire]

1st Ascend
Fast- Attacks first
(Changed) Alien- Has a chance to Fear enemies on basic attack and will turn any debuff into a helpful buff at the end of each round. Gains +1 energy if there are no debuffs to use
2nd Ascend
Invader- Slow immune and will give a random ally Haste on a Crit
Dark Surge- Shroud immune but increases the shroud buff on all allies that have it (More reduced damage and will last for an extra round)
3rd Ascend
Dark Scavenger- Will remove any Dark enemy corpse boosting Defense and self heal a little
Alien Energy- If this hero dies, give +3 energy to all Alien allies

Attack- 2,647
Defense- 2,385
Skill- 1,357
Max Health- 4, 835
Crit Chance- 32%
Crit Multiplier- 200%
Dodge Chance- 0%
Damage Penetration- 0%
Damage Reduction- 0%
Fire Resist- 0%
Nature Resist- 0%
Water Resist- 0%
Light Resist- 0%
Dark Resist- 33%
Spirit Resist- 8%


Dark Pulse- Attacks all enemies dealing small damage and wipes the Shrouded buff off of the target enemy (If they have it)

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Malevolent Swipes- Claws four random enemies lowering their ATK and leaving them Feared

[Special] Cool Down: 15
Deep Space Drain- Attaches dark energy to all enemies stealing all buffs and raises Terrox's Max Health. Lasts for one round and takes away half of Terrox's health afterwards (Basically an improved version of Shade's Spirit Link)

[Special] Cool Down: 7
Sacred Meteorites- Fires a blast of meteorites for high damage at one enemy burning, slowing, and fearing them. All allies gain +1 energy and a raised Crit chance. If the target enemy dodges this attack, the meteorites will rain on all enemies burning them but will not deal as much damage


  • I remember I made an alien fan Hero before! He had an Alien passive too, but instead of fear on basic attack and converting debuffs to buffs it made them immune to the effect of enemy buffs and Passives, But immune to getting buffs from allies.
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  • Oh that's cool!
  • great hero! still think pyrox is better, the undestimation of pyromaniac is real!
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  • Haha thanks... I would also agree that pyrox is better
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