Introducing Gatling’s Epic: The Heavy Artillery!

Gatling is a Construct Rogue fan Hero made by JackHallow666. Check it out here:

Somebody with technological expertise got ahold of the one-man-army, known only as Gatling. This new upgrade may scare away the Construct hunters. Unless Vaitella has something up her sleeves...


Heavy Artillery Stats (Max Level)

+30% Max HP
+30% Defense
+30% Attack

30% Chance to gain 5 stacks of Endless Fire II (+50% Attack until Gatling is attacked,) then do a basic attack, and then gain haste, allowing for a second action.

-The first epic part is the Fiddlestromium Cannonball, the item on the bottom left of the Heavy Artillery.

-The second epic part is the Power Core, the item on the bottom right of the Heavy Artillery.

Current Level: 70
Proud Member of the Potato Family
"We should have more tags."
Favorite Hero: Bauble


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