Event review: Caster Calamity

The Good: Lots of it.

The Bad: Poor Marrow

New event: 1.5 updated heroes, new epic, skin quest, new exciting caster runes, fun caster buff. And a bonus spending event for those so inclined. My only concern is the half upgrade of poor Marrow. He is still rather useless and now he will not get any more updates before Balog.

Verdict: Top notch event with lots of content. Keep up the great work. I really like the sudden burst in Hero upgrades.
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  • danacdanac Member
    A therand and marrow update with no Therand or marrow tokens outside the store.

    Instead Ferno and Kobal.

  • WasiWasi Member
    and zero marrow tokens if you take the shop rune :|
    The Potato Army
  • danacdanac Member
    they could have a least put him in the heroic summons portal, since they were pushing for people to use it all weekend- two questions for it [I got burned thinking there'd only be one]

    Instead we got Solaris, right before the new hero which is supposed to counter her.

  • First time since month (?) that you can get Marrow tokens, but... there is a must-have rune which consumes all possible event tickets. So no more chance for a marrow token. Please, give us a chance to get tokens for him without spending tons of real-money. So far the only hero you can't max out while playing the game at the moment.

    All other things like quest, rework (for still not used in endgame Therand) and WW, good work. Keep going this way.
  • WasiWasi Member
    The caster buff was a good concept. More of this to spice up PvP.
    The Potato Army
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