Buff Pontifex and his buddies next, please!

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With Selwyn getting a new synergy passive with Pontifex, I think it's time Ponti and his other "allies" get buffed. When's the last time you've seen a Pontifex in PvP? When's the last time he actually made a real difference? And even so, how often do you see that happen? Probably not very often. I think the "Legendary" Pontifex Mortis could me made a bit more legendary, as well as have better servants.

- Increased Atk, Hp, and Def (higher focus on the Hp and Def)
- Maniacal is given to all Casters when on a team with Ponti
- Maniacal should work without Ponti, but only for himself.
- Heist should steal 2 energy since it removes 2 from the target. In addition, it could steal all buffs from the target as well.
- New passive, 'Touch of the Torch', chance to Burn on Basic attacks, 100% chance on Crits, chance to Burn enemies that make contact.
- Increased Atk, Hp, and Def (higher focus on the Atk and Hp)
- Mute works without Ponti, and with Ponti, becomes a 100% chance.
- Change Hearty Taunt to Silencing Taunt, does what it sounds like it does.
- Change Bull Rush from a single target attack to attack all enemies.
- New passive, 'Guardian of the Pontifex', where he has +35% Def when on a team with Ponti, and chance to jump in front of Ponti to take hits.
- Thunder Shout should deal full damage to all enemies, and Silence all enemies.
- Give him Rebel Shout (+Atk on Crits).
Pontifex Mortis
- Increased Hp and Def (very high focus on Hp).
- New passive, 'Cult Following'. For every ally that has synergy with Pontifex on his team, he grants himself and those allies +10% Hp and +5% Crit.
- New passive, 'Mind Numbing', makes Pontifex deal 2x damage to Disoriented targets*.
- *Disorient: A new debuff unique to Pontifex, Disoriented enemies have a 55% chance to miss attacks, and do not gain Energy while Disoriented.
- Chaos Storm applies 'Disoriented' to all enemies for 2 turns.
- Grave Digger new effect: After this attack finishes, instantly bury all corpses on the enemy's side. Ponti gains +15% Max Hp for every corpse buried.
- Doom Bolt new effect: No longer deals 2x damage to Armored, instead just counts as a Lightning attack. Also deals 2x damage to enemies at or above 75% Health, Fears the target if they live, and applies Shock to all enemies if it kills the target.
- Skeleton form changes: Skeleton has 2x Ponti's Hp and Def, but .5x his Atk. Takes 3 turns to reincarnate instead of 2, but now has 3 abilities instead of 2. New abilities:
- Chaos Blast: Single target Magic attack that Disorients. (Uses per form: 1)
- Bone Reconstruction: Buffs self Atk/Def/Water Resist, and heal for a large amount. (Uses per form: 1)
- Soul Steal: Magic attack that lifesteals and steals all buffs from the target. (Uses per form: 1)
- Skeleton form new passive: Skeletal Immunity - Immune to all debuffs.


  • Yes! (Although super health might be OP on the skeleton+res... I do think all the heroes that only have the Caster tag should combo with Ponti. (IE: Selwyn, Ignus, Kobal.)
  • I do think this could make him the meta's spotlight with the doom bolt and tankiness. It would also bring stereotype casters into the meta from being pretty bad.

    @Joel please consider this.
  • DevilJhonsDevilJhons Member
    edited April 2018
    why not just 1 skill without cd that deals 99999999999999999999999999999 dmg to everything? )

    but as legendary caster necromancer, he should really be tougher, hp or def boost or both,
    idea with removing corpses is good, what if grave digger would just remove corpses and give some hp% and maybe healing for each corpse, without dealing dmg to enemy?
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