True purpose of drakk

For people level 49 and below just pair him with people who deal a lot of damage with basic attacks like agnon, koror or something then cast you pillage and your good to go, this post is mainly focusing on what I think his purpose is for level 50+ (be warned this is for people that have him fully ascended, so be warned)

So I have made this tower of own age team that hasn't been beaten (in pvp that is so just a warning don't try this in pvp unless they are like 4 starred or something) Solaris,Drakk,Lily,and ignus

(this also requires these heroes to be fully ascended, except ignus it's fine if he isn't fully ascended because the main reason we use him is unlocked at his first Ascension)

Ignus The Mad- This hero is actually extremely important for this team and must have his first Ascension at the very least for this to work

the goal is to have him survive, gain stacks of rage for his robbery so he can steal energy for the entire team, like allowing costly heals Solaris has, powerful yet costs aoe's that drakk has, and lilies plant transformations and growths, you also use this hero to sometimes burn corpses or to lay down some support fire when an enemy is burned, but mainly for the energy

Solaris- she is used for the heals and constant removal of debuffs, and additionally revive any hero that may die in the battle for other Solaris matches

Cast her heals if anyone is below 60% health, and if your team has a lot of debuffs cast the cleanse, and if 2 or more allies are are dead cast your revive, try to avoid any casualties at all cost, but it's not the end of the world if there are any as long as you have some kind of similar replacement.

Drakk- very important for survivability, also steals buffs from dark teams like shrouded, or taunt, or any kind of thing you might find useful, he also does a lot of attacks... Your strategy will be much slower and almost impossible without this hero.

So on this heroes turn you cast one of his special abilities depending on enemies, if your enemies have like a billion buffs cast pillage, if they are close to death but heal a lot and you need a quick finish cleave is the answer, vengeance is used for the small finisher damage, but most of the time it's used to Gain that one stack of rage.

Lily- lay down heals' grant dodge and defense buffs, turn drakk into a plant in a Solaris battle or if you are waiting for Solaris revive and can't dea any more damage or she is dead.

Pretty simple, you play her as you usually would

If any member of your team ever dies you can slowly slip into your usual team whether it be dark, beasts, flying,barbs, or some other kind of team you might be using.
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