A reason to buy cosmetics,and some other cosmetics that could be added

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I feel like their should be some reason to buy the titles and skins, i mean idk like for titles they could have some special effect in gameplay like reducing costs of upgrading skills, increasing energy cap, and some over stuff like increasing tower of pwn points you get or gold recieved from all resources, and for skins maybe some kind of additional effect like different graphics for an ability, maybe change an ability a bit like instead of jabbers attacks being bite and claw attacks they could be chain/whip attacks, or just increase stats by 5% or even 1% i bet players would actually consider buying the skins instead of keys and then you guys would make more money off of them because they would be busy getting skins and such,

Also Please give skinned heroes some epic weapon, i look at my jabber with skin and think where did his epic weapon that i worked so hard to get go???

I also feel like if you could customize your town that would be amazing, like you could put in paints into shop that would cost gold and gems, and maybe even add some new crafts to the crafting tab for players that own everything, i mean could you imagine someone turning their starting zone into some camping ground, or changing the material from wood or stone to gold or gemstone, with paint covering it, or some people that are very prideful in their guilds they could hang up guild flags in guild shop, or build some big mech versions of bosses you have faced!! I am just saying i feel like it would be so much better then being spawned in a town with lots of classic houses.
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