Ideas to further increase endgame for DB players that don't like pvp or just like Pve more PT.1

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Read with caution, reading this entire post all at once may hurt your eyes, maybe read some and take a little break to prevent eye pain, thank you

This is basically a summary of all things that aren't hero ideas (at least 90% of it isn't)

At the level 80 increase you guys should Make some kind of new content for some other audiences that like Pve... I have a few ideas

Ok so level 70 players a couple days before Wierd stuff would be happening in town whether it be lightning striking from the sky killing heroes instantaneously or will see purple goop sometimes attacking the portal or some over thing in the city

when the level 70's log in they will see Thalia saying that we need to build a boat and get to the source of all of this evil, (now this goop is going to unlock some new features for players to help inspire heroes to be more interested) the boat would require 5 elemental ingot, 100 of the twig thingies and 1 goop that can be found sometimes while you have this quest on boss islands (the enemies that have it will have like half of their face turning into purple goop)

then you will sail from the tree to see some huge Island, filled with goop, this island would earn players 20 experience each level (because of difficulty) and sometimes you will face mini bosses like a mini lich, a mini evil tree, or even a king Kang

sulfuras is always by himself because he is obviously the strongest with his oblivion beam, all of these people will always be 2+ levels higher then you, there will also be some big goop bosses... Also enemies on this island will have one goop rune each and epics, and mini bosses would have 2 goop runes and bosses would have 3

the final boss would be a giant shadow that would require you to use shade and pontifex on the team (they will betray you because shade is the son and pontifex summoned them to the world) after betraying you he will put goop on their faces, evolving their epics even further, this level of epic would effect their other abilities and passives, but for this battle only, that level of power can't be attained until level 100 or something!!

(ponti would also get an epic sometime before this, making his skull drain the life out of all enemies and making dead allies cast a random special ability) shades face would turn from black to have darker eyes, and a gooey mustache, and pontifex would become a shadow, the skull would become a jack o lantern, but the head of the headless horseman

After defeating them their corpses would burn and two mini versions of them would spawn in its place, this time as level 79's, if you don't kill them quickly they will become their larger selfs again!!

During this fight a fully ascended Thalia will join you!! ( I won't release all of the abilities the bosses have here, I will make a link in the comments when I am done, this includes the bosses abilities powerconsumed shade and pontifex, the bosses summoned by Thalia's call of dark, and what goops uses are, including what a goop rune is)

She is a legendary,light,healer

Attack 1/5

Her basic attack will be Pro Tips

buff the attack of allies and heal them, if she has the corruption passive this becomes evil tip which will drain 1 energy from everyone , if she has total corruption transform this into All Powe is MINE!!! Which will drain max hp from everyone, and additionally it will increase hers by damage dealt as well, this has 100% lifesteal

Her special ability will be Call Of The Dark

Fill your empty spots with random enemy npc, when fully ascended she will summon mini bosses instead (cost will be 5 energy because this can summon up to 3 people if almost the entire team is dead!! Also it will summon them in this order- evil tree, King Kang, then SULFURAS ) if she is corrupted then boost the stats of all bosses and give them total corruption, if she has total corruption then they all will gain permanent 20% lifesteal, then they all attack a random enemy

her second ability will be Send A Message

If it targets an ally then it will compensate them, buffing their attack, defense, healing them and additionally gaining them an energy, if this targets an enemy it will apply a freeze like effect to them, forcing them to delete the empty messages for 2 turns (4 energy) if she has total corruption this triggers on all allies and enemies and has 2 energy increased cooldown and reduces the amount of turns it lasts by 1(basically heals all allies, buffing their attack, defense, and gaining them 1 energy, and it applies a freeze like effect on all enemies that lasts 1 turn

Her third and final ability will be Epic Guidance

gain her a random epic, then trigger it on a random enemy (this effect will also increase her stats by the percentage of epic stats given when at full epic, at this point she can only have that one epic and any further usage will instead) if she is on a team with evil tree upgrade her corruption, if it is already upgraded you can gain another epic and then trigger all of her acquired epics (7 energy)

0 ascensions

Magical I

Take reduced damage from non physical attacks 15%

New Passive!! Hope

If this hero would die another hero would die instead, restore this hero to full health, if she is corrupted this ability gains her 1 energy, and if she is fully corrupted then this also increases her max health by 10%

New Passive!! Ancient technique

Immune to purge and silence, if she is corrupted chance to purge on basic attack, if she has total corruption then she is healed whenever she would of been purged or silenced, or whenever she purges or silences

1st Ascension
Requirements:2 shadow evos, 2 crypt evos, 35 light evos and 55 dark evos

Magical II

Take reduced damage from non physical attacks 35%

New Passive!! Corruption

If on a team with evil tree activate this passive, it empowers your abilities

New Passive!! From foe to friend

Increase max hp of people summoned by call of the dark by 10%, if she is corrupted she gets a 10% health buff for each boss summoned, if she has total corruption also increase the teams attack by 10% for each boss summoned

2nd Ascension
Requirements:10 dark spirits, 50 light monarchs, and 50 dark monarchs,10 light spirits

New Passive!! Negotiation

Increase resources earned from battle by 1%-50% (including tickets mats and gems), repeat for damage reduction, but if this hero is dead reduce it by 30%-70%

Corrupted Magical III

Reduce damage taken by non physical attacks by 45% if she has total corruption reflect 45% of non physical attacks instead

New Passive!! Helper of the meek

Can not be used with over legendary heroes, if used with other light heroes they gain 10% increased stats, if she is corrupted gain 10% skill, if she has total corruption increase her maximum health by 10% too

New Ability!! Very knowledgeable

When looking at a hero you can see the exact numbers of everything (passive numbers, total stats, runes,and their ability cooldowns

New Passive!! Born Leader

Immune to fear, If an ally would be feared fully cleanse and purge that ally, heal that ally 1% of health for each thing removed, if she has total corruption then make her allies attack the enemy that applied the fear.

New passive!! Pure evil

While she has total corruption she is a dark hero, and has a chance to cast pro tip on a random ally at the end of each turn

Once you have finished this battle you will unlock the ability to sail, costing 10 energy every 3 minutes, if you end early it still costs 10 energy, you can also modify your boat reducing its energy cost, increasing its speed, increasing your time limit and other things,

While sailing you could be attacked by monsters from the ocean, they will drop things like runes, goop, gold, and depending how strong maybe even gems!!

You can also find islands that have some serious loot like celestial evos, dimands, goop,runes, or other mats, some will be inhabitied by a previously defeated enemy (stronger then last defeated obviously) and sometimes they could drop more loot then an uninhabited island, these fights won't cost energy because your sailing is basically paying for the battle!

There will also be hidden areas that require water breathing runes (reduces damage taken from water creatures by 30%, allows you to breathe underwater, it also grants you 3k attack and 1k health, this is a goop rune btw it will be an example of what you need to craft it 50 goop, 1 legendary water superior or elite rune, fully upgraded (elite rune is 4K attack and 2k health) 300 gems and 7 million gold (for elite rune it is 700 gems and 10 million gold)

These runes will come fully upgraded and have any kind of special effect the previous rune had like freeze skin, lifesteal, regeneration ect. They will also come with stats the previous rune had (example of freezing skin superior goop rune) 3k attack, 828 defense,1,658 health, freezing skin, 30% reduced damage from water creatures and the ability to breathe underwater.

One of the main hidden areas would be the lost city of Atlantis which would have all enemies with 4 goop runes, and the mega boss with 6 of them, beating the area would give you the new hero, the sweet city, 3 goop runes, and 1,000 gems, but failing this area will make it disappear so you would have to search for it again.

The way you would search is by using your fishing rod to fish, if you start looting gems that is a sign your near it, or if a fish person attacks you that means your close.

All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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