Best offensive team - Easy wins Part 2 ( barbarian meta )

Hello guys,
I 'm Exalted (70lvl Legend 1 player) and this is my new combo team.

The new meta came! This team works perfect under the spesific rune choises in spesific heroes.

1) Abigail 2) Shade 3) Balog 4) Drakk or 1) Shade 2) Abigail 3) Balog 4) Drakk depending on the defence team compotition.

Rune choices:
Shade ( Full attack build )
1) Dark Community Superior Rune with +1 energy. This rune (and the next one) is what makes Shade so important in this team. With +1 energy Spirit Link is active on Turn 1. You have Abigail to one shot the opponet's Abigail ( Shield Activated ). Then Shade Spirit link Abigail to steal the shield. Balog does the rest with his Cry Havoc. Killing opponents Abigail 1st turn leaves them weak and easy to handle.
Another example why this rune is so important to Shade is against Beast teams with Goretusk. Steal Mammoth Guard and his Taunt and let your Abigail one-shot his Lilly ( or Ferno / Grog Gnog ). Then his Agnon attacks your Shade ( cause of Taunt ) and kills his own Goretusk. GG easy win.
2) Dark Superior Caster Rune. Yeah every Caster Rune is so important in this new meta. If you have some use them! To remove Unbridled Rage makes the difference between victory and defeat.
3) - 4) - 5) These are power runes with dmg penetration. For now i have mine on Agnon but if you have the hero runes with 10% dmg penetration use them on Shade.

Abigail ( 3 attack / 2 defensive runes )
1) Fire Superior Hero Rune with Burning Touch. Full attack and burning Touch is a nice addition to add some over time dmg and kill Barbarians after shield fades.
2) Fire Superior Hero Rune with 20% extra attack. It can proc with her Rage Cage which is pretty cool.
3) Nature Superior Hero Rune with 10% dmg penetration. I need to change this one with an attack rune with % dmg penetration.
4) Light Hero Superior Rune with 10% dmg penetration: The extra 10% to kill these buffed up defences.
5) Dark Hero Superior Rune with 10% dmg penetration: More attack and damage.

Balog ( Full Defence Build )
1) Superior Bulwark Rune : For defensive stats. I will change this one when i ll get the Superior Hero rune with Def/ Def / Attack +10% dmg penetration from the 5th day of the event.
2) Superior Bulwark Rune : For defensive stats. I 'll do the same with the 2nd rune. (I hope i had a 2nd caster rune)
3) Superior Power Rune with Life Steal on Hit: Pretty good rune but i ll change it with the Fire Superior Hero Rune with 20% attack as soon as the next 14 doors will open.
4) Superior Festive Rune: Right now i m testing him with +1 energy and works pretty fine since most of times i have Bull Rush right on time and with 4-5 rage.
5) Superior Survivor Rune: pure for survibility.

Drakk ( 1 attack / 4 defencive runes )
Having some fun rune building here:
1) Green Superior Hero Rune with 20% to add extra attack.
2) Green Superior Hero Rune with 10% dmg penetration
3) Blue Superior Hero Rune with 10% dmg penetration. When i ll make my second Survivor rune i will put it on him.
4) Light Superior Warrior Rune with + 20% to add extra attack.
5) Dark Superior Warrior Rune with +20% to add extra attack.

So when you face teams with Goretusk prefer to have 1st Shade then Abigail. Shade will steal his taunt and ability making him useless.

When you face barbarians and any other team compotition that doesnt have Goretusk choose Abigail 1st and then Shade.

I hope it helped and see you guys soon!


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