Gakk the Sludge Mound

Gakk the Sludge Mound

3 stars

hp: ☆☆☆
def: ☆☆
atk: ☆☆☆☆
skill: ☆

Apperance: a pinkish sludge that bears resemblence to Phenol Thoxen, but is less square, has eyeballs spread throughout its surface, and one large mouth with yellowed teeth.

Desc: A horible monster that sees all and knows little but killing. Its origins may be tied to Phenol Thoxen's.


0th evo:
Slime Brotherhood: Phenol Thoxen has a 25% chance to also inflict disease whenever it inflicts poison and has +5% defense and health, and visa versa for Gakk.
Diseased Form Like Thoxen's Toxic Form but with disease

Swing Basic physical melee attack- Does (x) damage.
Plauged bite Melee physical attack- Gakk bites the target with his plauge-ridden teeth. Does (x) damage, has a 100% chance to disease target, and a (x%) chance to poison. If the target was already diseased or poisoned, this attack does (x%) more damage. Reacharge 4 turns

1st evo: gains a few more eyes and more teeth
Slime brotherhood II 45% chance for disease, and +15% def and hp.
Plauge Lover Immune to disease, and gets +5% attack for every diseased or poisoned enemy. Limit +5% attack per enemy.

Sludge Shot Ranged physical attack- Gakk flings some of the sludge in his body at all of the enemies. Does (x) damage, and has a (x%) chance to disease and (x%) chance to poison enemies. Recharge 5 turns

2nd evo: gains spikes and bones lodged inside him and sticking out, like Thoxen's 2nd evo.
Slime brotherhood III 65% chance for disease, and +25% def and hp.

Rotting touch Melee Physical attack- Does (x) damage. If this attack deals the killing blow to an enemy, that enemy can't be revived.
Note that this will stop Pontifix from turning into a skelton- he will just die normaly.


  • Maybe add a shared family for these 2 characters?
    (They could be plants)
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
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