Wow. Super diverse meta, guys.



  • morillimorilli Member
    edited August 2018
    Seriously barbs need a nerf...Drakk is so OP it is not even funny. 75% DR and he will continuously attack 5 times after every hit at 5 stacks of rage. That is like 20 times per turn providing your team is at full compliment. I say that if he if retaliates it should consume all his rage. Should be like this for all barbs. And only barbs can retaliate.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    edited August 2018
    I dunno man, I don't have many problems with Drakk himself. It takes five hits to get him up into psycho mode and purging him gets rid of his rage. Wildfire renders him harmless. Pillage is troublesome but Wounding Cleave and Challenge are pretty lackluster. When I lose to Shade barbs it's usually because Shade has popped Emily's aegis shield and Cry Havoc gets her killed. Given that it has a two turn silence attached and will launch Abi's Dogs of War if she's up for it, I don't think Cry Havoc should hit as hard as it does at low rage.
  • My method at this point is just emily valkin therand dagrund. if emily dies, then well sh*t.
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