Ideas to further increase endgame for DB players that don't like pvp or just like Pve more pT.2 go here if you haven't read it yet, you probably won't understand this if you haven't

Warning reading this all at once may cause eye pain and break between reading is suggested

The goop can be used to upgrade runes,like said in last topic, or you can use them to further upgrade your stars turning them into goop stars, you can do this by spending aether equal to the star number times 1k, and the goop spent is equal to the usual number of tokens (1 star 10 goop 2star 20 goop, 6 star 250 goop...) you can also use it to level up your epics past 12 to 20 (60% one stat 50% other two stats, 70% chance to proc epic on basic attack) it will allow you unlock some endgame content
(Underwater diving, ability to handle harder water pressure allowing you to sail further from where you usually could, upgrading your ship and compass)

Evil tree- tank,plant,green,dark,summoned ( summoned is a new charge tear type that can only be summoned by a heroes special effect)

Basic attack-poke them with a stick

Provoke target, if this hero has total corruption transform this ability into crashing branches which purges self, attack a random enemy for each buff and stack of that buff purged (so if he had 3 buffs, and one of them had 10 stacks then he would attac 12 random enemies.) this attack provokes as well

Root Guard:

Gain heroes 50% increased defense for 1 turn, all heroes gain retaliation III, if he has total corruption then send all heroes back a room, summon roots with retaliation V with 50% of their stats, when they die return the heroes to the room(7 energy

Harden bark:

Gain 20% permanent increase health and defense, if he has total corruption grow twice. 4 energy


Gain taunt,Turn enemies into plants, as long as this her is alive, whenever they would grow this hero grows instead, if this hero has total corruption while this hero is alive, whenever they would be healed heal this hero for 10% of the healing they received 6 energy

Passives (since this hero has no ascensions I don't need to say his specific evos required and what ascensions he has)

Corrupted growth

This hero can grow up to 10 times, if he has total corruption then there is no limit to how much he can grow, but it has a reduced effect (like 40%)

King Kang is a beast,monster,warrior,blue,summoned


deal splash damage to all enemies, then summon an icicle and a boulder, then apply evil snow day to all allies if he has total corruption (allies have increased damage, and their next special ability is cast twice)


Throw an icicle at all enemies, applies freeze, if this is affected by evil snow day gain a stack of evil snow day for all allies, if he has total corruption gain 2 stacks instead for all allies 0 energy

Frost breath

Freeze all enemies dealing huge damage, if this is affected by evil snow day Lifesteals frozen enemies, if he has total corruption this also silences 5 energy

Lock and load

Breaks the boulder into and turns it into 100 stacks of snowballs, this cannot be stolen or purged, if he has total corruption also gain haste, and if he has evil snow day he can throw as many snowballs as he wants this turn( if he has both corruption and evil snowday then he gains 2 stacks of haste allowing him to make 2 other moves after this one being snowball Fight

Snowball fight

Deals small damage, applying chilled and frostbitten, if affected by total corruption this also freezes, if he has evil snow day buff
All stacks are affected by evil snow day, but then this is cast on a random enemy until there are no more stacks then revert it to lock and load for a 7 turn cooldown (this would of happened no matter what)


Insulated woolies

Cannot be frozen,chilled or frost bitten, if he has total corruption then this also

Shattered Evil

Teammates deal double damage to frozen enemies, repeat for chilled and frostbitten

Field dressing
Regenerate health every turn

SULFURAS is a dragon,fire,light,flying,fast,summoned

Rappid fire

Attack target 10 times with fireballs, 10% chance to shoot an additional fireball each time it deals damage,30% chance to shoot one huge fireball instead, if this happens, basic attack again


Charge for 3 turns, taking 50% less damage while charging, then deal major fire damage to all enemies, this damage avoids all immunities, if this hero has total corruption this ability charges for 1 turn instead

Wing buffet

All dragons cast this when cast, deal medium damage to all enemies, apply burn and purge damaged enemies, if this hero has total corruption 3 energy


Lose flying for three turns, become dormant for as long as the flying passive is (take 95% reduced damage) gain 1 additional energy per turn while dormant, if this hero has total corruption transform this ability into dragoniq Transfer

Dragoniq Transfer

Transform allies into dragons,each of them gaining flying, updraft, and dark skies0 energy


Light skies

Flying heroes take half damage from, if this hero has total corruption chance to apply blue burned to enemies that are burning (spreads when damaged, deals damage to all enemies that have it for each enemy that has it, dealing damage to them also doubles the damage of the next proc.)

Flying III

Takes 50% less damage from physical attacks,

Burning skies

Flying heroes have a caphance to apply burn on basic attack, if this hero has total corruption then whenever a hero would gain energy but there abilities are full gain a stack of burning terror (doubles damage dealt by next attack for each stack of this)

Boss fights

Chapters -1- -9
This area will be like a burnt down forest but with a lot of trees,

All enemies in these chapters will have goop speed which makes them dodge any attack that would crit.

Before the boss you will be battling lots of infected wildlife that has been infected with the goop

Goop lord, he is a slow, purple, blue,


Spawn coppies

Lose 33% max health to summon a copy of each enemy but with 30% of this heroes stats instead, in 3 turns return them to this hero, increase this heroes current and max health by 33% for each one still alive. 5 energy

Support enemies

Gain enemies 100% crit chance for next turn, gain 1 energy for each attack missed 3 energy


Spread goop

Give enemies the power of the goop increasing all of their stats by 100% each turn

Spread wide- take quadruple damage from aoe's

Boss immunities

Immune to all debuffs

Epic- 30% when casting an ability to deal damage to enemy equal to max hp

5mil health
1k attack

-10 - -15

An abandoned carnival that is filled with the goop

All enemies here spawn 2 chests when they die, if you choose the wrong one the loot is doubled, the enemy is rezed, this can go infinite, this can happen for your heroes too (if any of your heroes die you can choose a chest, for the first one if you get it right you get increased loot if not you lose loot but the hero is rezed

Enemies here will be big and little zom clowns, executed knights of the round table, and of course some gooed wild life

This boss is the trickster goop runes incineration skin and electric skin

Trick and treat- steal all of the targets buffs (even if they are unstealable) give the target a random buff for each buff stolen

All the power- attack a random enemy for each buff on this hero, if this should ever kill burn the corpse, and summon a zom clown

Ultimate betrayal destroy his clown zoms, buff this heroes stats by 100% for each one destroyed


Rich his enemies be

Whenever he is killed duplicate the boxes (first kill is just 2, next kill is 4, next one 8 ect.) and then double this heroes maximum stats

Epic-summon 2 zoms in addition
110k health
33k attack
Damage reduction 45% (all from electric goop rune)
Immune to dark and, light damage

This area is a purple valcano,

Lich King Hand of chaos, SULFURAS breath of chaos

Lich King hand of chaos is a dark,light,undead,

Soul storm

Channel power from the volcano attacking 10 random enemies at random, this applies shocked and lifesteals for SULFURAS

Revive enemy team, take control of all heroes revived for a turn, then return them.


Boss immunity

Immune to debuffs

If he and SULFURAS breath of chaos are both at 1 health fuse together and end the battle

One way to win

Whoever has the most health has taunt, this taunt cannot be avoided
30k defense
3k attack
SULFURAS breath of chaos is a purple,red,undead,dragon,fast

Chaos breath

Deals 20%-80% of targets max hp, damage is unhealable

Goop breath, summon 4 mini SULFURAS, deal medium damage to all enemies

Wing buffet

All dragons cast this when cast, deal medium damage to all enemies, apply burn and purge damaged enemies


Takes less damage from physical attacks

Lava hot scales

Takes quadruple damage from ranged attacks, physical attacks kill the user when used on this hero

After the battle is over you will almost be out of the cave when sulfur King(SULFURAS and lich King amalgamation) says have a safe flight heroes!! attacks the bridge, you guys fall into the volcano

Sulfur King,shard of chaos fast,undead,summoned
17k attack
2k defense
-17 - -30

These levels are when you are searching for a way out of the spirit realm, when you finish these levels it unlocks goop as a resource and unlocks it on all previous fights on this island

By the time you escaped the evil tree and King Kang were already out, you face them on a crossroad, the sides of the crossroad have been decimated, all that is left is pit...

They work exactly the same as they used to except they have majorly increased stats, evil tree instead increases his stats and grants himself retaliation V, and king kangs smash instead breaks part of the crossroad and one hero will fall into the pit.
If you win then they will become an amalgamation and jump back, leading you to the next level when you battle both amalgamations

You come to find a ritual going on, you strike and then fight both of the amalgamations

Sulfur King,shard of chaos fast,undead,summoned, purple, red. goop runes used: caster goop red,and caster goop purple


Shatter exoskeleton dealing massive damage, if any die cast this again with halve damage

Death breath

Heal all undead, then summon 4 bone dragons (their attacks are fireball, and donate energy which destroys themselves to restore sulfur king to max health and his energy too, this costs 2 energy so it can't be used on the turn they are summoned, they also have the passives dark skies and flying I) 20 energy

6 energy

Destroy this hero and treant Kang, ending this dungeon, this is not affected by any sort of energy gain, also only casted at 50%

Boss immunities
Immune to debuffs

Flying V
Takes no damage from physical attacks

Chaos forming

If this hero dies activate amalgamate

Health 300,000
Critical strike:100%
Critical strike damage300%
Damage reductions 30%
Immunities fire,dark,spirit

Kaos shard treant Kang, slow,plant,summoned,green. goop runes double energy green


Summon an icicle and a boulder

Ice stab

Stab himself, gain a stack of growth and heal self

Break on my horns

Break Boulder on self gaining freezing skin, healing a lot, and gaining 2 stacks of growth, if he has 4 stacks instead grab a hero, and automatically kill it 3 energy

Earthen fury

Gain 100% increased health for allies turning them into plants, then attack a random enemy, repeat for each stack of growth
5 energy

Seed cannon

Turn enemies into plants, then gain a stack of growth for each already a plant 2 energy (he will always cast this in the beginning)

Infinite growth

Grows each turn increasing max health and attack, the amount of stacks is unlimited for all plants

Boss immunities

Immune to debuffs

Critical moves

Critical hits gain a stack of growth for all heroes

Slow growing speeds

Increase max hp by 50% goes last, at 8 stacks all heroes gain fast

Amalgamation at 70% health amalgamate

Health 600,000
Attack 12,000
Critical chance70%
Damage reductions 10%
Immunities water,ice,frost,dark,spirit

If you somehow get passed this level, for the first time you get a goop rune of either energy green, incineration, or electric

In part 3 I will further explain the rest of the expansion and ideas I think it could have, man is this a long post.
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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