Ideas to further increase endgame for DB players that don't like pvp or just like Pve more pT.3

This series is very long so don't read to much of this at once to avoid the pain, read the other 2 parts of this first because it won't make sense without reading those first.

The ritual is complete and chaos unbound is Born, he has the head of lich King, but the eyes are purple fire, and he has stump teeth, has the horns of SULFURAS, wearing the robe of lich, he has the two tree of evil rocket feet, has one King Kang snowball launcher as his left arm, his right arm is a SULFURAS flamethrower, he also has the wings of SULFURAS, when he is born the group is swallowed up by the ground, forced to fight him in a never ending void, in this fight you can use up to 12 heroes (3diffrent teams)
So how this works is you can have up to 12 slots on this level, 4 heroes for each faze, if all 4 heroes die then the next case of heroes will join early, if you want you can do this level with friends having you go first, then said friend goes second, whoever is providing the third team goes third whether it be you,another friend, or said friend you invited

Chaos unbound,stage I-fast,all elements except light, all classes but healer and tank,dragon,undead,plant,monster,beast, amalgamation he has a caster,warrior,freeze skin,electric skin,and burning skin goop runes

Raze the roof

Deal massive damage, at stage II this becomes a melee attack, deals increased damage, and deals splash damage to all enemies, when this ability is used switch to snowball barrage, stage III transform this and snowball barrage into steam rush

Steam rush
Deal massive fire and water damage to all enemies, applying confused and burn, only usable in stage III while flying

Snowball barrage

Deal small damage to all enemies, freezing them, if they are water types this attack heals instead and grants them haste,then switch this to revealing darkness

Revealing darkness
Deal dark damage to all enemies applying haunted, if they are dark types then apply haunted on self, if haunted is already applied then double the bonus damage switch this ability back to raze the roof, at stage III transform this ability into fly

Start flying gaining flying, invincible while with flying passive to non flyers, dark Skies, and the and the ability to use some of your flying required abilities, unlocked at stage III

Stomp growth
When at stage III this becomes usable, while not flying deal massive damage, purging all enemies gaining all buffs purged for himself, even if they can't be stolen, also if this damages life enemies they gain the buffs too even if they can't have it.


Further the battle
Once this hero reaches 50% health transform into stage II, once this hero reaches 25% health transform into stage 3

Is treated like all species taking 5% increased damage from them, if they have blessing of the seeker they deal 55% increased damage instead, Is also affected by all class and species hunters

Epic fight

epics have an 100% chance to proc in this fight, each time they do increase this heroes max stats by 10%

Separate parts
Whenever an aoe is cast he will take damage 4 times instead for each hit to each person that would of been done if there was 4 heroes (jabbers epic would hit 12 times

Monsterous fear
Immune to fear, chance to apply fear on hit

Facing legends

For each legendary hero on the enemy team increase damage they do by 2x

Health 1,000,000,000
Critical chance0%

After the fight is over both heroes will receive one of his used goop runes,one will receive 10 Thalia tokens, this is repeatable,

Levels 34-39 getting to the ruins where the purple sky whirlpool is
It will be desolate, battling goo creatures, more wildlife, but also shades and necromancers.

Dark lash and his minions
So the area will begin with you killing lots of shades, then we will enter the area where you will fight dark lash, then shade and pontifex betray you, then a fully ascended Thalia will join you like said in previous topics about this,

Dark lash

Haunting winds
Apply haunted to all enemies if any Of them are already haunted then make haunted stack (first stack making them take 2 next 4x next is 8x and so on) then deal damage to all of them

Permanent buffs
All end of turn or start of next turn buffs last forever and can't be cleansed

has lifesteal when an enemy has haunted debuff, repeat for other dark allies


Goes first

19k attack

Powerconsumed shade he will have the exact runes you had on him except power consumed, if you had any empty slots they would be filled with attack runes, power consumed runes will give 20k of the stat attack, and health in addition to what they previously gave

Epic level 55

100% chance when casting haunted frenzy to apply fear to damaged enemies, if haunted stacks already fear applies stacks to increasing when they run by 1% and the damage bonus by 25%

50% gaze upon the past has a chance to gain 2 end of turn effects for each ally instead of one

25% for spirit bond to be cast on all enemies

12% chance to gain double the max health and heal team to full health

Haunting frenzy
Attack all enemies applying haunted,if they are already haunted (or have a stack) then attack them again

Gaze upon the past

Gain a random end of turn effect for all allies

Spirit bond

steal 50% of targets max hp, buffs then add the things stolen to all allies as well

Soul well
Destroys some shades to heal team a huge amount and buff max health by 30%

Power consumed Shroud
Increase damage taken by 10%, all debuffs do nothing


Goes first

Quick spells
Chance to gain haste when dealing damage

Crit chance50%

Power consumed pontifex

Epic level 55
Shade bolt has a 100% chance to give the shades summoned fast
Necrosis has a 50% chance to Make them attack a random enemy
Grave wave has a 25% chance to be cast twice, each applying haunted and disease
Grave form has a 12% chance to be cast twice, then all enemies will attack him

Shade bolt
Attack all enemies, if any are affected with haunted summon 2 shades with slow, they attack a random enemy


Transform shades into skeleton costume shades, (the difference is they deal more damage and have epic) 2 energy

Grave wave
Sends a big Tidal wave of bones and dirt at the enemy team, dealing massive damage, and applying grave digger to all allies 5 energy

Grave form

Absorb the skeletons from all enemies to increase max hp by 25% for each one alive, increase attack by 25% for each one dead


Quick casting
Chance to cast the spell an additional time when casting

Animate enemies
Whenever he casts a spell an enemy that has died this battle will basic attack a random enemy, if this kills another enemy will basic attack (so if the bosses died like 3 times then they will attack Thalia each, and if she does someone will die in her place because of her passive and then she will get attacke by the newly killed boss.
1,900,876 health
32k attack
3k defense
1% critical strike

After winning you will unlock the ability to craft a compass allowing you to control where you sail, allowing all the sailing to islands, finding underwater cities, you can upgrade it even further and your boat to, a fully upgraded compass can guide you to adventure content with a red arrow, a purple arrow will mean content that will help you further your storyline, black is resources, blue is goop, yellow is gold, rainbow is celestial evos, and green is potions

A fully tricked out boat moves at 400m per minute, 3 energy every 6 minutes, can handle density of things such as ice,lava,goop,acid ect.

There finally done, I am going to take a break from making fan content for a little week or so... Or until they release a new hero time will tell
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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