Marrow rework ideas

Stats: +DEF, +HP


Electric Feel, Mystical III, Monster Scout III, and Unnatural Fear remain the same.

Slippery when wet: Starts dungeon with taunt on highest health ally, and ATK buff to highest attack ally. Reduces damage from area of effect attacks for all monster allies.

Negatively Charged: Any character doing damage to this hero will lose one energy, and Marrow will gain one energy. Allies can't be slowed. Monster allies can't be silenced or provoked

The Good and the Bad: Monster allies deal +10% damage for each buff and debuff* on the target.
*Everything, including Rage, Plant Growth, Momentum, Venom, Ethereal, Atk- from Aerial Superiority, etc. (but not things like Hot Coals and Sapping Vines)


Lure remains the same.

LightMonster Nova: Ranged Light attack on all enemies for 1277 base damage. Gives allies a chance shock on all attacks for 3 turns. Then, allied monsters (not Marrow) do an attack of their element, with chance (as in, unless resisted) to apply one debuff based on their color (Red: Fire, Wildfire ; Green: Poison, Wound ; Blue: Freeze, Chill, Frostbite, Drench, Backsplash ; Dark: Disease ; Light**: Shock, Paralyze)
**Currently there are no light monsters other than Marrow

Invigorate: Fully energize an ally and gives a class specific buff***. Also gives an elementally specific skin buff (burning skin, etc.) if the target is a monster. Starts with one extra energy added to this ability per monster ally, including Marrow himself
***Same as Bauble, except constructs do not get healed, instead they get what they would get if they were not constructs (Furnace, Alexandros, and Stonefist get DEF ; Bauble gets CRIT and SKL ; Agnon gets ATK)

Epic: (at max level)
Stats: +30% DEF, +20% SKL, +20% HP
Effect: 30% chance on a basic attack to do 3 ranged light attacks on random enemies (first one is on the target) with a chance (as in, unless resisted) to shock and paralyze. Monster allies gain 1 energy.
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