So sick of how you end events.

I am so sick of being lied to by you guys on event end times. The game tells me an event last X amount of hours I expect that many hours to spend my tickets and finish. But every single event i either come up short have to spend my tickets on something other than what I wanted to get a mail offer hours later that gives me the tickets I needed after I already spent mine. Or like today the other happens I log in at 9pm to find out I can't spend the rest my tickets cause their poof. Words can't explain how much u piss me off.


  • I should still had 3hours to finish my event and open my doors. And if I had till 9pm the game shouldn't said 6more hours at 6oclock!!!!!!! I'm f2p your guys fk ups ain't free
  • I am out of my original time zone. I'm assuming the game tells me 12 but really ment 9pm since I'm -3hour time zone. But why is your game programmed to lie to me. If it gonna say ends in X hours. It should end in X hours. I can't imagine how this is anything more than jus me losing a 5th drake star and 40k+ tickets. Because ur system ignores my location time zones????
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    You can spend your tickets, by the way. I just did: 8k on Abi tokens and then 2k on some monarchs, to finish off what I had left over. The tickets just don't show up at the top when in the shop. You can estimate how many tickets you have left by seeing which items are too expensive for you (the price comes up in red). I'm guessing the game doesn't support the number of currencies that need to be displayed, since bronze keys can be traded for gold and now need to be displayed as well. Since it's easier to calculate remaining tickets than bronze keys, I think the devs made the right choice there.

    We're given a day or so to use up event tickets, after the event itself has finished, which works very nicely. It'd be a good idea for future Winterfest-esque events if the doors also had that 24 hour grace period, to prevent problems like this.
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    @Stinky, that's a neat trick - thanks!

    Turns out the number at the top was my current number of keys, and when I spent them for gold, the number at the top was replaced by my current ticket count!

    Not elegant, but quite functional. I was going to suggest the devs just mention it in the event announcement or something, which would be fine with me, but now that I think about it, they were probably either trying to avoid negative feedback or hoping to get a fix somewhere along the way.

    It's not pretty, but it works. Now that I understand, no big deal. (It wasn't a terribly big deal for me in the first place, anyway.)
  • And my doors i had yet to open???
  • Thank u Stinky u and u alone are the reason I was able to buy a skin and some gold n things
  • StinkyStinky Member
    Cool, glad I could help, guys. :)
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