Malice Rework Ideas

Demon WarriorCaster

Stats: +ATK +DEF +HP +SKL


Wrath*, Greed II, and Demonic Pride Team remain the same.
*Wrath now based on total health, NOT percent health.

Gluttony: 20%50% Boosted Damage for every buff on this heroall allies

Lethal Lust: When on a team with Ella, Allied Demons have a chance to purge one buff on hit, and will steal one buff on CRIT

Mystical I/II/III


SwingDark Curse: Melee Dark attack with chance to Haunt, Fear, Debilitate, or Disease.

Theft of Grace I/II/III: Melee Spirit attack, will steal all buffs and add 1/2/3 elemental buffs**. (Cooldown: 4 turns)
**This attack ignores Lethal Lust.

Purging of Sins I/II: Melee Physical attack Removes 1/2 debuffs from all allies, and twice as many for Demon allies. Reduces all enemies' max HP by 25%/50%***. All enemies at 1 health die, regardless of anything else. (Cooldown: 5 turns)
***Without actually doing any damage, unless the enemies' health was above their new max health, in which case they have full health at their new health.

Envious BladeDescent: Revives all Demon allies with very low health (increases with SKL). Revives all dead enemies, and then immediately kills the enemies that just got revived, removing their corpses. Chance to fear enemies. (Cooldown: 6 turns)

Stats: +30% SKL, +20% ATK, +20% DEF
Effect: On basic attacks, chance to do a ranged Dark attack for 3x damage, stealing one buff (on top of the possibility for Lethal Lust), and chance to inflict Haunt, Fear, Debilitate, AND disease. If it is a killing blow, it removes the corpse.
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