Spirit Link and Rage

@Joel On 4/26, in the "Patch Notes: April 25th, 2018 [Meet the Barbarians]", you responded to some questions I had regarding Barbarian mechanics.

I asked:
dvd54407 wrote: »
2. Rage (All) - Rage cannot be stolen, but can it be purged? Does an attempt to "steal" it reset the rage or have no effect (e.g., Shade Spirit Link's Drakk who has 5 rage... does Drakk remain at 5 rage?)

And your response was:
Joel wrote: »
2. It can be purged. Attempting to steal would reset rage.

Following that logic... if a Barbarian remains Spirit Linked, shouldn't they be blocked from gaining rage? Because as long as Spirit Link is active, Shade is actively attempting to Steal buffs, which would perpetually rest rage back to 0. Currently, any attacks on a Barbarian AFTER spirit link is enabled still increases rage.


  • dvd54407dvd54407 Member
    @Joel @xtmn8r any feedback on this?

    Shouldn't a Barbarian that is Spirit Linked be prevented from gaining Rage?
  • LukeTolLukeTol Member
    I too think he shouldn't gain rage. Devs?
  • dvd54407dvd54407 Member
    @Joel @xtmn8r Spirit Link is not resetting Rage, not on initial Link nor does it prevent rage from increasing while still linked. Any comment?
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