Is the new Emily a good rival for solaris ?



  • NO
    Just make the Solaris passives non Solaris requiring, she doesn't require that much support, also I think it's op that heroes can have 20k health without being fully devoted to health...

    I think 20k health is good considering some attacks do upwards of 30k

    And no, Solaris passives should be required from somebody, not given out for free.

    But then Solaris will be a have to use on anyone's basis, if we want a Solaris nerf reduce the normal Heath increase to 15% per vbeast on team, increase Rez timer to 4, and turn the Solaris passives to require no one, I guess I am ok with someone that isn't a wimpy person like Solaris and don't make it a stat stick... I'm kinda sick of those.

    Solaris is only a have to to use beast teams if we're talking about her beast passives (besides the beast res which shouldn't exist). All the other legendary "family leaders" have sometime like this which they should. Igorok, if good, should be a must have for a monster team, which I think he would be if more than one monster was meta on a team at a time.

    I know, but first of all Solaris is as weak as they come, I don't want to run her, her stats are abismel compared to my other heroes I would rather run, but see I am not against the whole beasts having a leader (your idea about pignus being it is not bad, maybe take away the taunt and sucker punch and turn them into commands, give him Solaris health buff, make him the hero I wished he was, also not all teams need a leader, I mean. Casters, pontifex isn't in a really good spot, neither is the rogue leader aria. (Also missing the fact that beasts are reckless and wild and go crazy whenever they want, don't need any leader mainly because they won't listen.)

    Pignius damage on sucker punch sucks compared to many abilities. I think it's a good idea for leaders to be tanks or warriors as they would be in the front lines. Legendaries are generally supposed to fill one role really well or lead a family/race. Solaris happens to do both now (healer/beast leader). Also the casters aren't really a family or anything, Ponti seems better as a necromancer assisting Zomm with the undead. Rogues have been in a bad spot but Aria is more of a light leader.

    Waffles give me some time to finish with making my meta ideas and new systems, I have finally been coaxed that there is a way for pignus to be a good leader and a way for him to be a legendary.. Just lemme finish making the post XD
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  • NO
    Lol more isn't always better the more u lean toward revive the easier u are to counter example my hopper rather see 3revive heroes than 2 and 2instead of 1. Emily and Solaris are far from rivals their 2dif revive options so if I want to win by reviving I use Solaris. If i want a way to impact the fight plus a single revive Emily is a Goddess. I use my Emily to revive rarely she is a cleanse n a splash chance to spread ferno burn and then if I actually get stuck in a fight I get to revive with Emily n rape with double attacks. So long story short if purpose is revive Solaris is best. Emily is jus a badass goddess that jus so happens to also have a revive but that ain't why I run her.
  • I also had asspain couse of solaris, but then barbs appeared, and they wipe her and most others, so i'm happy, and think that solaris dont need nerf. Game is evolving dont you see it? Now it's not ballanced at all, BUT new interesting mechanics and team synergies appeared, so, in near future, I hope, most teams would be reworked, and they all would be meta in some kind, now we have only 2 such teams, barbs and beasts, lately it could be ninja, demons, paladins, undead rework, monsters rework and few more, all will be tigh to leader, and his legendary abilities\passive skills, so lets see what it would be, for now i really like this idea, game would be more dynamic and more complex. And thinking emilly kind support class, not totall healer, not total reviever, she would fit some new anti barbs light team, maybe dodgers team with aria rework.
  • NO
    That fully balanced state is what most games strive for but we will never reach that state with new and constantly evolving heroes.
  • That fully balanced state is what most games strive for but we will never reach that state with new and constantly evolving heroes.

    for now, sure we dont, but when all heroes would be classified by teams, we probably will. Of course after it new heroes and groups will apear, which will be op(for gaining profits), but they will be easier to counter, after most heroes upgrade stats and abilities.
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