Ways to balance out the meta

Waffles convinced me there is a way for nerfs and buffs and a way for everyone to be happy, also someone said "Solaris is a legendary stacked on another legendary, I don't remember who, pretty sure it was waffles but idk

Chaos damage refined definition
Chaos damage will always crit, if affected by demon morph then it will garuntee any other damage deaf to double and count as a critical making people like goblins attack again, this effect will critical no matter what.

Anyway I introduce sharded legendaries, it's a previous or new hero that becomes a legendary by their leader being to strong (or weak) basically causing the power of the previous legendary to shard off to another one of their tribe, unlike legendaries sharded legendaries can intact be a common enemy you encounter, just has been made the strongest one of their species (pignus becoming a sharded legendary makes him stronger then all of the other pignus's)

Sucker punch is replaced with hunt them down

All beasts strike target, if target is bleeding and killed increase teams max hp by 10% of targets max hp increasing by .2% each level the ability has

His Solaris taunt becomes born leader

Starts taunting, if he would be killed all beasts will attack the killer, if the killer is killed then increase their max hp by 25%

Jabbers Solaris passive now gives himself 30% life steal, if on a team with pignus beast allies gain 40% lifesteal (including him increasing it to 70% lifesteal)

bovus Solaris passive no longer requires Solaris, field dressing becomes angry adrenaline healing 20% max hp each turn, if on a team with pignus then other beasts heal 20% too (for beasts that have lots of health and low attack or if you just rather use him then jabber)

Beastly recklessness doesn’t require pignius to be on the team, but if he is on the team then he also spreads other rebuffs

Burning touch is replaced with bleeding touch IV
Applies bleed on basic attack
(Target takes damage every turn, takes increased damage from physical attacks, and has taunt

If on a team with Leo his flying in face is given to all other beasts on team, secret to eternal life no longer requires pignus

Grog gnog is made into a monster, and requires igorok to be on the team for 2 stacks of snow day

If on a team with pignius Julius’s fully rested is given to all allies lupinas beastly pack procks without pignus, if on a team with pignus when she basic attacks (normally) a beast has a chance to follow up her attack, your choice

Balog’s bull rush switches places with cry havoc

Balog loses his rage heart and it is replaced with mace in your face!

Which will have Balog strike the target 2 times, if target is silenced this deals triple damage, gets an additional attack on target for each stack of rage he has, at 4 stacks he will trigger dogs of war

Challenge is now a 1 turn taunt that at the end of its duration he will deal damage dealt to him to all enemies, even if he is dead. Stacks of rage will give this attack 20% lifesteal

Demons would basically improve each other through epics.
Examples of said epics

30% chance to steal all buffs from all enemies, and creating a stack of buffs on allies, allowing buffs to stack, then strike all enemies.
Demon evolution: demons have a 20% chance to strike target enemy for each individual buff ( if a hero is lucky with 9 buffs they could strike target 10 times.

Daybreak, fiend of chaos
Chaos cleave

Attack all enemies dealing chaos damage (chaos damage always criticals, even if there is anything that would prevent it like waishu, or disease)

Breaking chains

Cleanse all debuffs on self, then gain energy for each debuff cleansed, if this purges at least 5 gain haste, repeat for all demon allies, cast able while silenced
7 energy

Demon morph
Transform all allies into demons making their attacks deal 10% chaos damage (increasing by .5% each level,damage increase also affects allies, this effect only activates on first cast) on second cast double the chaos damage added to your attacks, then all allies will strike a random enemy, if this kills double chaos damage bonus again. 6 energy

Solar storm

Deal light,fire,and poison damage to all enemies, apply poisoned,magnified light, and burn to damaged enemies



Debuffs have a 25% chance to cause him to retaliate dealing 100% attack as chaos damage, this attack also applies the debuff applied, avoiding any resistances

Chaos Magic
(I have a diffrent version of this idea on another post, but technically since it isn't implamented i guess it's ok to use here??)
whenever an allied demon casts a special ability repeat it, this one will do chaos damage and have a 50% reduced effect

Demonic Empowerment III

demons start with haste, immunity to buff steal, and are immune to chaos damage( it starts with the chaos damage immunity, the next ranking makes it grant haste, and the final one will grant the buff steak immunity)

Flying III
Takes reduced damage from melee attacks

hope you like these ideas, planning to update when I have the time.
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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